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Trane draft inducer motors drive induced draft blowers and control flue gases. They are used in many of Trane's most energy-efficient furnaces to provide combustion gas that allows the furnace to fire. Induced draft blowers signal the furnace that the blower is functional. This guarantees that exhaust gases are being pushed out the flue rather than backing up and causing potential leaks of deadly carbon monoxide. Devices used to ensure the safe operation of the draft inducer motor include sail switches, centrifugal switches, electronic sensors, controls and vacuum taps.

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These parts wear out on occasion, and when they do, you can find them and other replacement draft inducer motor parts at HVAC Plus. You'll find the exact replacement spares for every series and model in the Trane furnace lineup. You can search by brand, part number or the name of the part. Just a few clicks will take you to the Trane draft inducer motor parts you need. A photo on the page along with the complete specifications of the part will help you find and order the one you need. Draft inducer motors come in a wide variety of capacities and configurations, and it's important to choose the right one for your application. HVAC Plus has them all at very competitive prices.

Furnace combustion is a result of the right fuel and air mixture. The furnace's gas valve supplies the gas while the inducer blower supplies the oxygen. The balance must be right in order for efficient burning to take place. The correct inducer motor for the system will supply the proper rate of airflow measure in cubic feet per minute (CFM). The vacuum created by the blower will draw in the proper amount of air while also ensuring that combustion exhaust gases are vented out the flue.

Trane is a Leading Manufacturer of All HVAC Systems

Trane does more than just make efficient gas and oil furnaces for residential use. The company is a worldwide leader in the production of HVAC systems for commercial and industrial use. Trane systems are found in hospitals, hotels, schools, office buildings, nursing homes, factories and many other types of commercial building. Trane manufacturers quality and efficient heat pump, air handler, chiller, ventilator and air conditioning technology for a variety of applications.

With some of the most efficient products on the market and the use of ecofriendly refrigerant, Trane is leading the way in green HVAC systems. The high performance of Trane systems produces outstanding control of indoor climate. Temperatures are balanced, humidity levels are controlled in all seasons and indoor air quality is improved through the use of filtration and purification components. The result is an indoor environment that is comfortable and healthy throughout the year.

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