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Trane Condensor Fan Motors are integral parts of condensing unit. Condensor units could be found in air conditioners and also in heat pumps and refrigerators. In central air conditioning systems, condensor units typically cool and condense the refrigerant from a gaseous state to the liquid state via a heat exchanger. The unit also has a compressor whose main function is to increase the pressure of the refrigerant and it also houses a fan which is instrumental in pulling in air from the outside to ensure cooling of the refrigerant. The condensor setup usually has the compressor on the inside with the heat exchanger surrounding it on the outside. The refrigerant is allowed to pass through multiple tubes. These outside air from the heat exchanger hits these tubes as the refrigerant passes through. Typical condensor units house a fan on the top side and is grilled to ensure nothing from outside falls onto the fan. As the fan rotates, the outside cooler air is brought into the system and the hotter air is pushed outside. The location of these units are usually on the outside of buildings where the cooling is required. The tubing is housed between the building and the unit.

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Trane condenser fan motors are an essential part of an AC or heat pump condensing unit and refrigerators. The condensing unit contains the compressor. It pressurizes the refrigerant and acts like a pump to circulate it through the system. The condenser unit also houses the outdoor coil, sometimes referred to as the condensing coil because it is where refrigerant is condensed back into a liquid during a cooling cycle.

The condenser fan helps the condensing coil cool during AC cycles. Refrigerant returns to the outdoor coil as an extremely hot gas. The heat is released in the condensing coil, making that coil very hot too, and the heat radiates out of it through radiator-like fins. The condenser fan draws outside air across the coil to help with cooling. It then disperses that air up and out of the unit.

When the condenser fan motor is working properly, the system runs efficiently, and the home or building cools as quickly as possible. The process of radiating heat out of the condensing coil requires these units to be placed outside. It is important that they have good airflow around them, not impeded by a wall, a deck or even shrubbery. Residential models are usually placed on the ground.

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