Buy Trane Air Conditioner Fan Motors Parts

Trane Air Conditioner Fan Motors are integral parts of air conditioners. The fan motors drive the fans as and when needed which aid in cooling. The specifications of the air conditioner need to be understood in detail before purchasing a replacement. Some systems have a certain specification and support only specific types of fan motors. Hence a good understanding of the system and its most appropriate part specs will enable a wise decision.

HVACPLUS offers you a very large number of spare parts for your heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs. Trane fan motors for Trane air handlers, condensors, heat pumps. Trane ptac motors, Trane blower motors etc. are also available at HVACPLUS. Trane is one of the major manufacturers of HVAC parts and products. A whole range of their products can be found here along with replacement parts for many other manufacturers like A.O.Smith, Bryant, Emerson, Carrier and GE.

Trane was founded by Reuben Trane and in the year 1931 became an air conditioning pioneer. Till date Trane guarantees the same durability and reliability that have become traits of traits of typical Trane products. Trane air conditioner comes in different categories - ultra efficiency which covers models like XL16i, XL19i, XL20i. In the super efficiency category there are Trane models like XL14i and XL15i. The high efficiency category covers models XR13, XR14 and XR15. Lastly the standard efficiency category has models XB13 and XB14. All these cover high quality cooling and come with reliable performance. Some of these models also come with two stages of cooling to meet any outdoor climate conditions and prevent internal temperature variations.


Air conditioning units are beneficial in many commercial and industrial buildings. Schools, hospitals and nursing homes depend on air conditioning units to run smoothly and efficiently. When they don't cool down the building properly, the health of the building's occupants could suffer. Places like hotels and office buildings expect to have comfortable working conditions for its occupants. This means that all air conditioner parts have to be in top working condition.

Trane is a company focused on providing quality air conditioning units and replacement parts, and it's been focused on providing the best in the industry since it was founded by father, James Trane and son, Reuben Trane in the early 1900's. The Trane Company started with the father, James, in 1913 as a heating company. Reuben Trane joined his father, and in 1931, they became the first to consider and implement air conditioning. It was a revolutionary concept in the early 1900's.

Trane provides replacement parts including fan motors, blower motors and heat pumps for its own Trane equipment, but also provides replacement parts for manufacturers like Bryant, Carrier and GE. Trane provides heating and cooling units, combination units like those needed for some commercial or industrial buildings and spare parts to make necessary repairs. Before purchasing a replacement part for any Trane air conditioning unit, a licensed and fully-knowledgeable technician needs to examine the unit to ensure the proper part is being used.

The air conditioning unit has many parts that need to be in working order for the unit to perform its job properly. That job is to provide cooling to a warm environment. Chillers, heating, ventilation and air conditioning units are all inclusive in some units like those used in commercial buildings like hospitals, and they are comprised of a compressor, condenser, reservoir, air handler and evaporator.

One worn-out or broken part can cause the whole system to break down. A broken unit will not perform to peak efficiency. HVAC units have controls that regulate the proper operation of the unit, but sometimes those can break down too. If the spare part isn't on hand, it needs to be purchased from a reputable carrier of Trane equipment and parts. The most important part of an air conditioning unit is the fan motor, and it usually the first part to get worn down from repeated use. It's essential for cooling since the fan motor is what circulates the cool air.