Buy Trane Ac Fan Motors Parts

Trane Ac Fan Motors for multi purpose uses from commercial buildings to residential homes can be found at HVACPLUS. Trane is a globally known manufacturer of air conditioners. It has classified the ACs into different categories:

  • Ultra efficiency
  • Super efficiency
  • High efficiency
  • Standard efficiency

Under the ultra efficiency models there are Trane XL 16i, 19i, 20i. The super efficiency has models like the XL 14i and 15i. The XR models 13, 14 and 15 fall under the high efficiency ACs. XB13 and XB14 are the standard efficiency models. All these models are supported by the world class AC fan motors from Trane which are manufactured for the different ranges and applications of ACs starting from the small residential rooms to the vast factory buildings.

Ac Fan Motors from Trane, GE, Carrier, Emerson, York etc are all available at the heating, ventilation and air conditioning specialists HVACPLUS. Offering great discounts and fast delivery, HVACPLUS works towards providing you the largest spare parts selection from Trane Exhaust Fan motors to motors for Trane evaporators, Trane Furnaces, Trane Blowers among many more parts for more different systems.

In the areas of residential heating and air conditioning and HVAC systems for factories and other commercial establishments, Trane is a leader in providing high quality environments with cleaner air circulation and efficient and environment friendly systems. Trane provides chiller systems, HVAC parts and replacements for the end to end usage spectrum. Being manufacturers and suppliers of all types of heating, ventilation and air conditioning products, Trane understands the exact need of the customer and works to find the most customized solution.


Trane makes some of the finest central air conditioners in the industry. Trane has been an innovator in energy efficiency and quality for more than 100 years. Along with American Standard, Carrier, Lennox and a few other brands, it is recognized as one of the top manufacturers of residential and commercial heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. HVAC Plus is proud to offer our customers the Trane AC fan motors and parts they need for repairs, upgrades and preventative maintenance.

Trane condensing units are used in air conditioner and heat pump models. They are very durable, but occasionally need repairs. When a fan motor fails, HVAC professionals buy Trane AC fan motor parts and complete motors to restore the air conditioning system to maximum performance.

On the residential side, Trane AC fan motor parts are used in every one of the Trane central air conditioner series. The current lineup is:

Trane XL20i AC with a 20 SEER rating

Trane XL16i AC with an 18 SEER rating

Trane XL15i AC with a 16 SEER rating

Trane XR15 AC with a 17 SEER rating

Trane XR13 AC with a 14 SEER rating

Trane XB14 ACr with a 16 SEER rating

Trane XB13 AC with a 14.5 SEER rating

Trane XB300 AC with a 13 SEER rating

All Trane air conditioners with a 14.5 SEER rating or higher are certified as Energy Star products. HVAC Plus carriers replacement AC fan motor parts for Trane as well as many other HVAC brands including York, Emerson, Carrier and Bryant. We also supply our customers with highly-rated GE fans for a variety of HVAC applications.

Contractors also buy Trane AC fan motor parts for commercial applications. Trane is one of the largest manufacturers of cooling systems for commercial and industrial use. Trane air conditioner fan motor parts are essential when repairing indoor package units, split systems, rooftop units and water-cooled chillers. The AC fan motors speed up the cooling process by drawing fresh air over the coil as heat radiates from it. The fan then dissipates the hot air into the atmosphere.

When you need a replacement motor or parts you can trust, buy Trane AC motor fan parts and complete motors from HVAC Plus. We've been a Trane parts dealer for years, and we know they deliver the performance our customers expect. Shop with us today. You'll soon find what you need at unbeatable prices, and when you place your order, we'll pull it together and get it on the next truck headed your way.