Buy Snyder General Transformer Parts

The main purpose of a Snyder General transformer is to change a supply voltage to a desired voltage. The other purpose is to maintain the same voltage characteristics from the primary side to the secondary side. There are two physical characteristics of Snyder General transformers. One is the open Snyder General transformer which is quite visible and open to electrical connections. Their electrical connections could either be slip-on spades or screwed. The units have wire pigtails used for wire nut connections. In order to use this type of transformer, it must be mounted inside a unit cabinet or electrical enclosure. This will protect the person who is around it from electrocution.

Another characteristic of Snyder General transformer is the totally enclosed transformer. These transformers are entirely contained in a plastic or metal enclosure. In the event that units will be mounted in an exterior location, the transformer must be weather tight.

The Snyder General transformer protects the load from any problems that can be caused by the supply voltage. When voltage spikes it can damage the expensive electronic component. The Snyder General transformer has a fuse or a thermal link to provide protection to users and the unit. You can replace the fuse being used in the transformer.

Depending on the unit, the general low voltage of a thermostat is 24 volts or less. To produce heat in a building natural gas, propane or fuel oil, fuel or the use of electrical resistance coils is utilized. A spark is required to ignite the fuel source for older gas or fuel oil burners. A Snyder General transformer creates this spark by generating voltage in the range of 3000 to 8000 volts (thousands of volts) depending on the unit. Line voltage is used to energize heating coils when using electrical resistance heaters so they don’t require a transformer.

Some HVAC units utilize a Snyder General transformer to condition the incoming voltage from any spikes that may occur in power. The Snyder General transformer helps smooth out spikes so that the internal circuits used for controlling the HVAC unit will not be damaged. A transformer is a necessity for all HVAC units. Make sure you purchase a Snyder General transformer to protect you and your HVAC system.


A Snyder General transformer exists to alter the amount of voltage so that it reaches the desired amount. It also has the purpose of keeping the characteristics of the voltage across sides, from primary to secondary. The characteristics of Snyder General transformers are dual in nature. The open transformer is viewable and able to be connected electrically. These connections can be screwed or slip-on spades; either one is possible. There are wires formed into a pigtail shape on the units, which facilitates connections to wire nuts. When utilizing this kind of transformer, note that it needs to be mounted on the inner side of an electrical enclosure or the cabinet of a unit. Doing this will guard anyone near it and keep them from being electrocuted.

The completely enclosed transformer is another trait of the Snyder General transformers. Enclosed completely in metal or plastic, these transformers are safe from all kinds of weather conditions, so they can be placed outside.

If the supply voltage causes problems with the load, Snyder General transformers are there to protect this load. Electronic equipment, which is expensive, is damaged by spiking voltage. A thermal link or fuse can offer protection to those who utilize the unit and the unit itself. It is also fine to replace the fuse if needed.

While this depends on the unit, is it usually the case that 24 volts is the uppermost amount of voltage that these thermostats use. Fuels such as propane, fuel oil, natural gas, electrical resistance coils, and other fuel are used to conduct heat inside a building. When using older burners using fuel oil or older gas sources, a spark is needed. This spark can be created by Snyder General transformers, and it does so when voltage is generated by this device, which it does between 3000 and 8000 volts. The amount depends on the unit. The voltage of the line can be the source for heaters using electrical resistance, or heating coils, and these do not need a transformer.

Additional HVAC mechanisms use a Snyder General transformer in order to modify the spiking voltage that may be present. Spikes in voltage can be smoothed over with circuits that run internally in the Snyder General transformer. This is done so that the circuits suffer no damage. All HVAC mechanisms require a transformer. A Snyder General transformer is the best purchase you can make to keep your HVAC unit protected and functioning.