Buy Snyder General Ignition control Parts

Snyder General ignition controls manage the oil burner sequence of an HVAC operation. Once there is a call for heat from the thermostat, the Snyder General ignition control starts the burner blower. This process is mechanically interlinked with the oil pump. The combustion chamber accepts the air from the blower and the oil pump pumps oil to the burner’s oil nozzle. This energizes the step up transformer and applies a very high voltage spark to the burner’s igniter. The cad cell eye detects the flame. The flame is recognized by the light produced inside the combustion chamber. As soon as the flame is detected, a signal is sent to the oil burner ignition control. A flame is produced by the oil burner until such time that the cad cell eye determines there is no flame, or when the thermostat satisfies and stops the call for heat. As soon as the thermostat calls for stoppage of heat, the Snyder General ignition control stops the blower, and the fire in the combustion chamber goes out. The air is blown by the burner in the furnace through the ductwork, and is then distributed in the target rooms.

This process could easily identify the part of a Snyder General ignition control in the heating system. It is a safety device designed to control the heat. Snyder General ignition controls are available to make sure customers or users of the product are protected from the danger that comes in using a heating system involving harmful combustible gas.

Proper care of the heating system is recommended to ensure all parts are running smoothly. Once an HVAC technician visits and checks your heating system, ask the status of the controller in the units, especially the Snyder General ignition control. These controllers are installed in the heating unit because they have a very important function in the system.

In the event that the ignition control in your heating system is defective, the Snyder General ignition control is a reliable part that can be installed. This will assure you that your heating system will provide a comfortable and safe environment.