Buy Snyder General Flame Rod Parts

The furnace is one unit in a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. This heating unit is one of the most in demand systems used in buildings during cold weather. The heating process requires that parts of a furnace work together to provide comfort to building occupants. One part needed in a furnace is a .

The Snyder General is used in many heating systems. The consists of an outer metallic sheath and center electe. An insulating material isolates the electe from the outer sheath. A special high temperature hermetic seal with a threaded adaptor is connected at the center of the electe and placed at the end of the Snyder General . Attached to the threaded adaptor is a high temperature sensing . The other end of the is located outside the furnace or boiler and has flexible extension leads. This is connected to the center electe and outer sheath.

The main function of a Snyder General is to tell the controller that the main gas burners have ignited. Alternating voltage is applied by the controller to the and the base of the . A high resistance current path is created by the ions in the . More electrons flow from one direction to the other since the surface of the base is much larger than the Snyder General . The controller detects from DC offset if a is present. If the is present, then the controller will tell the gas valve to remain open. If there is no current flow, the gas valve will be closed by the controller. A poor connection or corrosion in the Snyder General can cause the controller to think the didn’t ignite. If you lack knowledge in cleaning the , consult an HVAC technician.

The Snyder General is exposed to dirt, debris and dust. This will impede proper functioning of the current circuit which increases current. Make sure the Snyder general is clean to prevent increase in current.