Buy Snyder General Fan Control Board Parts

Snyder General fan control boards are essential components in many heating, ventilation and air conditioner systems. The fan control board determines when the fan comes on, at what speed it runs if it has multiple or variable speed performance and when the fan shuts off. When repairs to the board are required, HVAC professionals prefer to buy Snyder General fan control board parts to have the confidence that quality, OEM parts are being installed. There may be some universal parts available, but there's no guarantee they'll deliver the quality and durability you get from Snyder General

In oil and gas furnaces, the Snyder General fan control board takes its orders from the main control board. When the furnace ignites and the heat exchanger reaches a prescribed temperature, a signal will be sent to the blower fan control board to start the blower. If the blower motor is a single-speed motor, the fan will come on at full capacity. If the motor has variable-speed capability, the blower will respond to the performance of the furnace. The fan control board matches the blower fan to first-stage or second-stage capacity. When this is done, the heating and air conditioning provided is more comfortable and more efficient. The fan board may also control the operation of a draft blower that starts before ignition of the burner and continues to run until all exhaust gases have been safely vented.

When a heat pump or air conditioner is part of the system, the fan control board will work in coordination with sensors and the main control board to deliver optimal comfort and energy-efficient heating, cooling, dehumidification and air filtration. ERV and HRV ventilators and unit ventilators also employ Snyder general fan control boards to exchange stale air from inside the home or building for fresh air that is drawn in from outside.

When the fan control board fails, one of several things may happen. The blower or draft fan may not work at all. It may start but not stop, or it may run at the wrong speed. These issues can be fixed by replacing the right module or the entire board. In older furnaces and air handlers, replacing the board is a cost-effective choice.

Savvy HVAC professionals buy Snyder general fan control board parts and complete boards from HVAC Plus. They know we'll have what they need at a great price. We know that downtime isn't acceptable in the HVAC industry, so we're committed to getting your parts to you in a fast, secure manner, so you can make timely repairs for your customers.