Buy Snyder General Electric Heating Element Parts

Electric water heaters installed in buildings and offices rely upon an upper and lower pair of metal heating elements. The Snyder is made of metal and produces heat using electrical resistance. Most electric water heaters manufactured have Snyder s. This heating element provides the accurate heat needed by customers.

The Snyder can be testing using an electronic multi-meter or multi-tester. It is important to turn off the electric water heater on the main power panel when testing. This will turn off the circuit breaker or fuse of the heater. The water heater needs to be cold since hot water in the tank will affect electric flow to the Snyder . Turn on the hot water faucet and wait until cold water comes out. The next step is to take off the access cover panel and insulation covering the Snyder . Screws holding the wires should be loosened. Check the proper functioning of the Snyder . You can do this by looking for an open or closed circuit using the electronic multi-tester. The multi-tester should be set to “Ohms”. The red lead should be connected to one terminal and the black lead to the other terminal on the Snyder .

Check the digital multi-tester to see if the ohm reading is on 0 or if the needle reads infinity using an analog dial. This indicates no flow of electricity on the Snyder and it should be replaced. On the other hand, when you get an ohm resistance value using the multi-tester, then the Snyder is in satisfactory condition. The problem might be by a different heating element or the lower heating unit thermostat.

Replacing the Snyder is possible since parts are readily available. In the case of replacement, the wires connected to the electric heating element should be removed. Turn the electric heating element counterclockwise with a 1-1/2 inch socket. The existing gasket should be removed, and then replaced with a new Snyder .