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After Augustus Siebe moved to England and settled in London in 1819, he began working as an engineer and inventor. Around 1830 he invented an early version of the diving helmet. A. Siebe, the business he set up, changed over the years to and Gorman, Gorman & Company, Gorman and Co. limited, Gorman Holdings and ultimately plc, which will merge with BTR to become Invensys.

(Heating, ventilating and air conditioning) systems are implemented in the construction of buildings where close environmental is needed and factors like temperature and humidity need to be led. These systems are used in offices, skyscrapers and biological parks that need optimum environmental conditions for working properly. The system is also called R sometimes when refrigeration is added.

manufactures some of the most outstanding systems for large buildings and offices. The innovative designs and affordable prices of products make them unsurpassed in the product market. Here’s a look at some of the equipment that are ideal for environment in large buildings.


Thermocouples are temperature sensors that are made from two metal alloys. They are a widely used type of temperature sensor for measurement and .

Damper Motor

The damper is comprised of blades or louvers to regulate the air flow. Usually, dampers include an electro-mechanical device that opens and closes the damper to prevent heat from escaping the flue during the burner's rest period. That device is the damper motor.


The box is the heart and brain of an actuator solution. It translates the signals from the unit into perfectly led movement and adjustment of the actuators. The box also links the various accessories connected to the system.

Motor Actuator

Generally an actuator motor is a tool able to convert energy to motion. Actuators are primarily used in industrial or manufacturing applications and are used in such things as switches, motors (actuator motor), and valves (valve actuator).

Governor Actuators

The governor actuator is basically a simple, proportional electric solenoid having a sliding armature whose magnetic force is proportional to input coil current.

There are a variety of other products manufactured by and distributed by a number of suppliers, including the following.

•Company Sensors

•Temperature Indicators


•Process lers



• Governors

•DYNA Governors

Here is a short list of otherequipment that is ideal for environment .

Valve Actuator

valves and actuators have a reputation for high quality and innovative designs in the R community. These valves are reliable, robust and time tested to give the best to the users. The engineers at come up with some of the most effective designs for creating new products that perform excellently under various conditions. ’s equipment like valve assemblies, actuation devices and valve bodies has earned praise from clients all over the world. At PLUS, we have the top of the line equipment so you won’t have to look elsewhere on the web for high quality products at the best prices.


Environmental parts from are designed for best performance and long life. valves and actuators have the most innovative designs in form of two and three way valve systems. These environmental systems are excellent when it comes to maintaining the heating, ventilation or air conditioning of a place. At PLUS you can get the best Environmental Valves at the most affordable prices. We have a range of environmental equipment and you won’t need to look elsewhere for any of your environmental equipment.


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A few well known and often sought after parts comprise of Power Head, 2 Position Converter, Limit ler, Slide Wire, Connecting Pin, Positive Positioning Relay, Auxiliary Switch, Nema 4 Gasket for Actuator, Pivot Stud Kit, Bolts & Washers, Diaphram Kit, Mounting Screw, Cover Screws, Electric Pneumatic Transducer, Force Plunger, Test Disc, Duct Humidistat, Room Humidity , Damper Linkage, Ball Joint, Transformer, Temperature ler, and Thermocouple wire.

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