Buy Replacement Honeywell Limit Control

The Honeywell turns the fan on and off in furnace applications. It works off of temperature and also provides a safety limit from high temperature. This is a switch, actually two switches, which turns the furnace blower on and off based on the temperature of the heat exchanger. A helicle bi-metal probe extends from the back of the . This probe is located inside the heat exchanger and the bi-metal of the probe reacts to temperature.
When the furnace heat exchanger heats up the bi-metal twists causing the round dial to turn. When the manual setting is reached, contacts inside the switch close and the furnace blower motor turns on. This provides a time delay for the fan to come on which allows the furnace heat exchanger to heat up. This restricts cold air from being blown out of the ducts when the furnace blower first starts. Instead of allowing the heat to remain in the furnace the uses as much heat as possible in the heat exchanger which adds efficiency to the furnace.

The is also a temperature control limit switch. Another limit control switch which is integral to the fan control is a high temperature control limit switch. The circuit which directly runs through this switch controls the burners to the furnace. The temperature control limit switch inside the fan control breaks the circuit to the burners if the temperature exceeds the high limit setpoint. This is a safety feature all furnaces are equipped with in case the temperature gets too hot inside the exchanger.

The fan & limit control L4064B series replaces the non-timed fan and limit controls. It comes in 3 separate probe lengths. The L4064B2236 Fan/Limit Control is a single-element type for applications with narrow space limitations and regulates fan or blower operation in furnaces and acts as high-limit safety control.

Limit Control L4029E1227 that breaks on rise with manual reset. The primary usage of the L4029E is as a fire thermostat in the duct work of air conditioning and ventilating systems. If the circulated air reaches a temperature indicative of fire, the limit control shuts off the fan, preventing the fan from contributing to the spread of fire. It is also suitable for use with any warm air furnace to provide positive lockout of the burner in the event of fan failure.

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