Buy Replacement Honeywell Indicator

Honeywell indicators are engineered to deliver solutions tailored to your specific process control requirements so you only buy what you need. Honeywell's UDC700 Digital Controller combines a high degree of technology and quality with a low price while delivering reliable control of less complex processes in small sized unit. Its display provides a large, clear and quick indication of the essential information. It is ideally suited for a large number of applications.

Honeywell's UDI1700 Indicator is a 1/8 DIN horizontal panel mounted digital indicator based on the same technology as the UDC1200/1700 low price controllers. The UDI1700 provides accurate indication in demanding applications and is the ideal companion to other panel-mounted instruments. A large 14 mm four digit red LED display makes the UDI1700 easy to read from a distance. A separate digit for degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit is also provided.

company manufactures the Smart Meter (SM) which is a digital device that functions as an output and status indicator for a compatible Smartline Transmitter, or just as an output indicator for a non-transmitter operating in a 4 to 20 mA current loop. The SM can be used as a Remote Meter Assemblies (RMA) component with any one of the Smartline Transmitters like ST 3000TM Smart Pressure Transmitter, STT 3000TM Smart Temperature Transmitter. MagneW 3000TM Electromagnetic Flowmeter.
Honeywell's Digital Enhanced Meter (DM) functions as an output and status indicator for a compatible Smartline Transmitter operating in the DE mode only; that is, it cannot be used in the analog mode as can the SM. The DM can be used as an RMA 3000 component.

single and dual digital indicators provide display of process variables with a wide choice of functionality. These indicators combine high performance and quality at an affordable price, making them ideally suited for most applications. indicators are perfect companions for applications requiring both control and accurate indication. indicators like the UDC 1500 have Universal analog inputs for easy installation and Digital outputs for alarming.

E10 Enviracaire HealthCheck Digital Humidity / Temperature Indicator can help you maintain a healthy breathing environment by letting you know when you need to increase or decrease the humidity level in your home. Proper humidity helps people breathe better, sleep better, improves the complexion and helps relieve flu and cold symptoms.

UDC6300 process indicator provides Math functions as a standard feature but has no control functions except for alarms which are optional. It also has great bar graph displays and multi language prompts making the device easy to red, configure and operate. It has two nine character, vacuum fluorescent, alphanumeric digital displays providing accurate indications.

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