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Honeywell company is equipped with the technology, expertise and global resources needed to execute oil and projects of every size and complexity, from concept to first oil to the revenue streams that keep the business growing. offers a wide range of project services and lifecycle support options.It has experience in all areas of oil and , from the reservoir to the refinery, offshore and onshore facilities, pipelines and terminals, providing solutions that enhance safety, reliability and efficiency. actuators and controls are known worldwide.

Analytics is the leading global supplier of detection equipment and accessories and a driving force behind the industry with an unrivalled offering of technical expertise and offers a wide array of both fixed and portable detection systems. Analytics has an extensive product range suited to a variety of applications and industries; from basic compliance detection and low-cost systems to premium infrared technologies and fully integrated systems.

Honeywell's complete valve train solutions comes with different purchasing options. Honeywell's valve train features a modular, bolt-together design that helps reduce costs of conventional piping and threading operations, inventory and service.
is also a major maker of valves. valves serve as a safety precaution for your supplied heating system. They shutoff the supply in the event of unsafe conditions such as an interruption in or power supply. VR8304 Universal Valve, VR8200A 2132 Standing Pilot Valve, VR8300A 3518 Standing Pilot Valve, VR8300H Standing Pilot Valve, VR8345M 4302 Universal Electronic Ignition Valve, SV9501M Valve & Smart Valve are some models.

This company has been the leader in providing the latest technology to the oil and processing industry. From the TDC 2000 control system to the latest release of the Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS), has provided the industry with the most efficient solutions to process everything from heavy oil to natural .

It makes various furnace components like ignition controls, safety controls, blower motor etc. Honeywell's pressure regulators reduce high-pressure in a cylinder or process line to a lower, usable level as it passes to another piece of equipment. pressure regulators are used to control delivery pressure only. There are four main types of pressure regulators: line pressure regulators, general-purpose pressure regulators, high-purity pressure regulators, and special service pressure regulators.

The C437 and C637 Pressure Switches are pressure actuated switching devices used in industrial system applications for safety shutoff, pressure control, and differential-pressure control.