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McQuay s are important components of systems like the rooftop handlers. RoofPak systems and heating and cooling units come with recovery option. They come with three different arrangement options - Single with economizer and bypass, Single without economizer which is ideal for total outdoor units, and Dual without economizer. With an option, heat is transferred from the hot and moist exhaust to the colder and drier outside during winter conditions and heat is transferred from the hot and moist outside to the cool and dry exhaust during summer conditions. Starting and stopping an or controlling its speed and controlling the bypass dampers are some ways to control recovery. This conservation refers to an stream’s total which includes temperature and humidity level.

These components are designed to last an extremely long time. They are protected by an ASHRAE 30% filter to keep dust and dirt from the heat transfer surface. The is somewhat self cleaning through its normal rotation in and out of counter-current flow streams. If the becomes dirty, it may be cleaned by blowing out the unit with compressed .

Your McQuay is delivered completely assembled and ready to run. The is built to provide many years of trouble free service following proper installation and performance of the minimal maintenance requirements.

The following are descriptions of various components related to the construction:

Bearing, external - The and bearing rotate on the shaft, no field lubrication is required.

Brush seal - The seal used for both the circumferential seal and the inner seal in the cassettes. They are constructed of nylon brush and configured to seal against the band in the case of the circumferential seal, and against the face in the case of the inner seal. These seals are full contact seals, have an integral clip, and they are clipped to the cassette face panel cutout (concumferential) or to the (inner) post.

Cassette - The steel structure that houses the rotor. Cassettes are of punched sheet metal panelized construction.

- A generic name for an conservation . The term “” refers to an stream’s total (temperature and humidity level).

Exhaust - The stream that is exhausted to the outside. Exhaust is building return that has been run through the .

Heat - Synonymous with an , conservation , or total recovery . Some heat s are sensible only s and should not be confused with McQuay total recovery s.

Hub - The center support of an .

Latent - Latent , in the context of discussions, is the work done by the to transfer moisture from one stream to another. Latent work is accompanied by humidity changes in the streams.

Media - The chemical composite part of the which actually performs the latent and sensible exchange.

Outdoor - The stream that is brought in from the outside. Outdoor becomes supply after going through the .

Purge - A small segment of supply defined by the gap between the inner seal on the outdoor edge of the center post and the supply edge of the center post. The purge angle is adjustable. The purge captures the small amount of supply captive in the when the moves from return to supply and routes it to return to minimize cross contamination.

Return - The stream that is returned from the building. Return becomes exhaust after going through the .

Rotor - The part of an that performs the exchange and consists of the media, hub, spokes and band.

Sensible heat - Sensible , in the context of discussion, is the work done by the to transfer heat from one stream to another. Sensible work is accompanied by temperature changes in the stream.

Spoke - Flat metal member used to support the radially.

Supply - The stream that is supplied to the building space. Supply is outdoor that has been run through the .

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