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McQuay types vary based on the HVAC requirement. The T170 24 VAC/120–277 VAC 3-Speed Control (Continuous or Cycling) or Staged Control are different types based on the speed control. The TA170 is a 3 speed control while the TB170 is for staged . Along with these devices, optional devices like occupancy sensors can also be ordered. The Coils operation is either a 2-pipe or 4-pipe configuration and can be set by varying the jumper settings. In the 2-pipe configuration, the main output configuration is dependent on the pipe sensor input. Depending on the of the water that has been detected, the ing or ing is automatically selected when a pipe-sensor is connected. With a 4-pipe configuration, the main output is changed to and the secondary output is disabled whenever the main coil water is ed.

Programmable Electronic

The McQuay is a programmable, manual or auto changeover, single-stage , single-stage . It functions with air conditioning, pumps, gas, oil or electric systems. The activates the ing appliance when the room is below the set (by the differential ) and the red indicator light (configurable) on the will light.

The McQuay will stop outputting and the red light will turn off when the call for has been satisfied. With pumps, the will not let the compressor come on for 4 minutes after it turns off. This protects your compressor. When the room is greater than the set (by the differential ), the ing device is activated and the green indicator light (configurable) on the will turn on.

The McQuay will stop outputting and the green light will turn off when the call for ing is satisfied. The will not let the compressor come on for 4 minutes after it turns off, which protects your compressor.

The McQuay has five possible operating s: Off, , , & , and Program . In off , the will not turn on ing or ing devices. The manual can be turned on in all operating s using the button, and the speed can be set in all operating s using the speed switch.

In , the controls the ing system. In the , the controls the ing system. In & , the controls both the ing and ing systems. In program , the will automatically be controlled by the set program. Program can function with , , or & . The clock display alternates with the set display for & .

The program schedule can be overridden by changing the set (up or down button). This puts the into a 2-hour temporary hold. After two hours, it will automatically return to the program schedule.

The programmable feature can be used to recirculate air while in Program . It is activated during the program schedule set up.

The McQuay also has a button lockout feature. This enables the to be set to the proper and and locked so it cannot be tampered with.

Features include the following:

• 7-Day, 5-2-Day or 5-1-1-Day Programmable

• Configurable

• Single-Stage / Systems

• Single-Stage Pump Systems

• Two-Speed Speed Selection

• Large Display with Backlight

• Selectable Fahrenheit or Celsius

• Compatible with Gas, Oil, or Electric

• SimpleSet™ Field Programming

• Status Indicator Light

• Relay Outputs (minimum voltage drop in )• Remote Sensor Compatible

• Ideally Suited for:

– Residential (New Construction/Replacement)

– Light Commercial

The McQuay programmable has four periods: Morning, Day, Evening, Nigh (Morn, Day, Eve, Nite) that are customizable for each day of the week. Each period will have a start time, , and programmable option. The McQuay monitors the day and time, while maintaining the specific conditions you have chosen for each period in your program.

The SB200-001 occupancy sensor, which is an optional device that accompanies s, comes with innovative dual delay processor which allows the sensor to check the nature of occupancie. It is capable of removing unnecessary actuations of the HVAC device due to occupancies which are very short term and might prove to affect the efficiency of the system. The SD200-002 occupancy sensor is used as an independent device and is a master sensor for the management system in the room that it is installed in.

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