Buy McQuay Thermostat Control Parts

Mcquay s are basically devices that regulate the temperature of a system so that the temperature of the whole application is maintained at a specific pre-set value. The devices work by either completely stopping the ing or cooling or by regulating the flow of the gas or liquid which is used in the device.

McQuay types vary based on the HVAC requirement. The T170 24 VAC/120–277 VAC 3-Speed Fan Control (Continuous or Cycling) or Staged Fan Control are different types based on the fan speed control. The TA170 is a 3 speed fan control while the TB170 is for staged fan. Along with these devices optional devices like occupancy sensors can also be ordered. The Fan coil operation is either a 2-pipe or 4-pipe configuration and can be set by varying the jumper settings. In the 2-pipe configuration, the main output configuration is dependent on the pipe sensor input. Depending on the temperature of the water that has been detected, the ing or cooling is automatically selected when a pipe-sensor is connected. With a 4-pipe configuration, the main output is changed to and the secondary output is disabled whenever he main coil water is ed.

Non-Programmable Electronic

The McQuay Non-Programmable Electronic has the same features and benefits as the Programmable Electronic . The configuration is used to set the to match your ing/cooling system. This functions with pump, air conditioning, gas, oil or electric systems.

There are also four possible operating s as well for this type of : Off, Cool, , and Cool & s, which are accessed by pressing the SYS button. Program is accessed by pressing the SYS and FAN buttons simultaneously.

• In this , the will not turn on the ing or cooling devices However, the indoor fan can be turned on manually in every operating by pressing the FAN button.


• In this , the controls the ing system. When the outputs, the flame icon appears on the display. For pumps, there is a four minute delay for your compressor to restart after it has turned off.


• In this , the controls the cooling system. When the cooling outputs, the snowflake icon appears on the display. There is a four minute delay for your compressor to restart after it has turned off, however.

Cool and (Auto Changeover)

• In this , the controls the cooling and ing systems, automatically changing over from one to the other as needed.

• The timing display alternates with the set temperature every 10 seconds in the cool and .

All s for a job can be mounted and powered up. Configure one , which will be the master. The master will be used to copy the configuration to the rest of the s.

When the connection has been made correctly, the master will power up and the target will count from 5 down to 1. It will then display the LOCK confirming the data has been saved in memory. When all target s have been completed, reinstall the master .

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