Buy McQuay RoofTop Parts

McQuay parts for the many different types of the company manufactures are available at HVACPLUS. The company makes an extensive line of applied and commercial packaged . These are used for work on existing constructions like renovations or even for new buildings. The and devices manufactured surpass the Federal efficiency standards. Installation is a lot easier with these products and they are also made for long life and reliability.

McQuay handling units are designed to meet the changing requirements of the conditioning market. The design incorporates thirty years experience with products maintaining the quality and innovation consistent with the line.

Applied come with cooled condenser parts with a variation of 15 to 140 Tons using R-410A refrigerant. The evaporative condenser supports between 75 to 150 tons. The evaporator condenser supported have 100% make-up , and dehumidification with VAV operation. They provide customized flexibility in applications and come with multiple fan, coil, filter and heat selections along with high efficiency compressor and coil combinations. The advanced Microtech II system is used and the Openchoices functionality provides easy integration with building management . They are built to last a long time and come with double-wall construction with access doors on both for easier maintenance. There is also a walk-in service compartment for the condenser. The quiet operation is brought about with the blow through setup and the draw through setup for applications of higher humidity.

McQuay also offers a line of 100% Outdoor with capacities from 15-140 tons. These meet ASHRAE 62.1 building design recommendations—conditioning outdoor entering the system at up to 95°F and high relative humidity and delivering it to an occupied space at 70°F and 50% relative humidity—on a continuous basis.

One of the most challenging applications of an HVAC system is to provide 100% outdoor to a space to meet ASHRAE 62.1 building design recommendations. Our Maverick II™ and RoofPak™ 100% outdoor are optimized to meet this challenge, efficiently and effectively

The handler is designed to meet the requirements of the present and the future. Along with providing high quality and state-of-the-art innovation, a large degree of emphasis has been put on providing increased flexibility. Units are a semi-custom handler with the flexibility to satisfy a wide range of application specifications.

These evaporative give up to 40% savings in condensing unit energy consumption. At HVACPLUS you can find the most suitable parts for your needs. We have replacements for all . Apart from the , you can also find spares for indoor and outdoor handlers, PTAC units, Unit Ventilators, Water source heat pumps and more.