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McQuay PTAC Units come in various sizes based on the capacity requirements as well as area of application. For nearly 50 years has been a leader in the area of Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC) and have set a very high standard of quality for such systems. Being a highly innovative company, they have been able to continuously manufacture highly efficient products all year round to suit the specific needs of end users. is also known for their packaged terminal heat pumps (PTHP). Hundreds of thousands of Incremental® and Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) and Heat Pump (PTHP) products provide year-round comfort in multi-room, multi-story buildings such as hotels/motels, office buildings, apartments, dormitories, hospitals, nursing homes and schools.

Packaged units from this company are highly reliable and durable. They are also known for their silent functioning, providing a noise free environment. offers the broadest selection of PTAC and PTHP products in the industry to meet your new construction and replacement applications. For non-standard wall sleeve applications, only offers the exact replacement and the same durable design and construction of the original. These products are also designed in such a way that they are easy to install and maintain. They are made to be highly customizable so that they can be used even for non standard applications. The spare parts offered by are of the same high reliability as their products and offer perfectly matching replacement spares for all HVAC needs. This in turn ensures better flexibility and lower costs.

strong>McQuay Type K PTAC The Type K was first introduced in 1958 under the Remington name. Other brand names include Singer and Climate Control. It was the first self contained, through the wall HVAC system. It has provided zoned comfort for schools, hospitals, nursing homes, apartments, offices, and hotels for over 50 years.

The Type K Incremental is made up of three functional components, the cooling chassis, heat section, and controls. The cooling chassis features reliable and efficient rotary compressors, PSC condenser motor, centrifugal fan, and advanced coil design with internally rifled copper tubes. The heat section is available in three configurations: steam, hot water, or electric resistance heat. The heat section includes high efficiency PSC motors, forward curved fans, and heavy guage sheet metal. The final component is the control box. It is available in unit mounted controls, remote thermostat control, and multiple unit control (master/slave). A fan cycle switch is provided to switch between constant fan or cycle with the thermostat.

The Type K Incremental continues to set the industry standard for quality. Carefully selected components, heavy duty construction, and the highest manufacturing standards assure a quality product. Engineered for 25 years of service, the Type K PTAC unit is one of the most durable units of it's type on the market.

packaged terminal air conditioners can be properly adjusted to optimally function in different sized work spaces, use the latest in refrigerant with non-degrading, ozone safe R-410A, provide important but standard assurances of quiet and reliable units, and are tough units that can withstand 'demanding' institutional 'applications' for long periods.

These PTAC air conditioners are touted as simple to install and repair. has been providing the public with quality air conditioners since 1955, so they have a reputable track record and are undoubtedly a safe bet if you're in the market for a sub-industrial cooling and heating unit.

While PTACs seem to be right up to speed on all the basic modern air conditioner functionality, additions like room freeze protection, electric-heat override, multi-layered condensation elimination, and a variety of comfort ensuring air control features definitely make them cutting edge in these key areas.

A few benefits include energy efficiency and run times, both on and off, are regulated as well as protection against overheat and 'low ambient lockout' in temperatures below 25F.

For extremely quiet operation, Applied 16 x 42 Model PDAA/PDHA are well known in the industry. It has an indoor tangential fan which ensures very quiet operation while ensuring maximum airflow. The other popular model is Applied 16 x 42 Model PDAN with Top-mounted Hydronic Heat, which again has low operating costs with high efficiency. At HVACPLUS parts and spares can be found for products ranging from PTAC units, Humidifiers, Furnaces, heat pumps and many more from most of the top HVAC manufacturers.