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Motor Parts for all products like cooled chillers, handlers - indoors and outdoors, condensers, fan coils, PTAC units, rooftop systems, ventilators, heat pumps and more are available at HVACPLUS. The model ALR-150E Cooled Reciprocating Water Chillers come complete with MicroTech unit controllers for the cooling portion of the HVAC system. Designed to provide maximum cooling while taking up very little space, the chillers are one of the most cost effective chillers on the market to date. Their systems are reliable and energy efficient, and their reciprocating chillers offer efficiency ratios as high as 10.4 and up to 16.6 at part load.

The Vision Handlers is one of the quietest operating handling units on the HVAC market. This type of hander can be customized further by using an FC supply fan and ODP motor which will further ensure that the Vision handlers are operated with the lowest noise level possible. systems are manufactured for maximum flexibility based on the usage and the installation environment and also for top performance as well. also manufactures condensing units, cooled condensers and fluid coolers for many purposes. If the requirement is for lower costs, quiet operation, and reliable performance, has an answer. Condensing units vary from 10 to 140 tons with a variety of options to meet efficiency, performance or serviceability requirements. The fan motors and blades that are used in these systems are specifically made for optimum performance at lowest sound levels.

Motor for water cooled chiller uses multiple compressors or single compressors with an open option to use screw or open drive compressors to meet your requirements. Large-scale residential buildings and smaller commercial buildings use the motor for heating, conditioning, and ventilation to provide cooling for industrial applications or commercial applications. The motor follow US and international rating conditions with engineering design based on energy efficiency and minimizing life cycle system cost.

Packages for motor and water-cooled chillers come with scroll compressor of variable rotary screw speed for unmatched energy efficiency performance. The variable speed and open drive motor drive provide lower insurance cost but still highly reliable and emits lesser sound. The evaporative cooled condenser, scroll compressor motor compresses the flowing refrigerant to make this type of evaporative water-cooled unit available for split type system residential conditioning. The key components include water nozzles that spray water over condenser coils. This removes and stabilizes heat temperature after compressing the refrigerant.

Apart from spares, parts from different manufacturers like GE, Emerson, Carrier, Lennox, Fasco etc. are available at HVACPLUS. We give you a wide variety of choices to make selecting the most appropriate parts for your specific need as easy as ever.