Buy McQuay MicroTech Control Parts

McQuay MicroTech products are utilized as the controlling units for a wide variety of heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC systems associated with Daikin Industries. Daiken McQuay is one of the major manufacturers of units used for indoor climate control. The engineers of the company are noted for their ability to specially design solutions to meet the HVAC needs of a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications including hospitals, nursing homes, factories, hotels and motels, schools and office buildings.

The McQuay MicroTech II Controller is designed as an upgrade to the system and unit controllers that were standard with previous McQuay units. The MicroTech Open Protocol system allows upgrades facilitating the latest technology in the control unit while not requiring changes to the HVAC units.

Some of the McQuay HVAC units that can be updated with the McQuay MicroTech Controls include the Maverick II rooftop units. These rooftop chiller units provide high capacity air handling capacity. The units include the pumps, motors, fans and controllers necessary to provide cool air to almost any size of building. The systems also, through the use of the MicroTech products, can be integrated with a building automation system through the addition of the BACnet Communication Module. This large-scale network system allows the integration of several rooftop units, along with other HVAC systems, to a single controller. In addition, the controller can work as a standalone unit in smaller operations.

Other advantages of the open architecture of the McQuay MicroTech system include further upgradability. New and upgraded air handling, chillers and heating systems can be added without changing the control system. This allows an economical upgrade path that ultimately replaces the entire system but does it in a piecemeal manner to reduce the costs.

The McQuay MicroTech II Controller includes a number of options. The building automation system can be integrated with the Internet to allow the automation of the building to be controlled from a central office that may be located anywhere in the world.

The McQuay MicroTech II controller and its integrated chiller and air handling systems can provide HVAC solutions for many situations. These units are particularly effective in larger operations utilizing roof-mounted air handlers. The systems are further expandable by networking multiple units together with the optional building automation control units. The open architecture of the devices allows a clean upgrade path that does not require the replacement of the entire unit at once. Contact your HVAC professional for more information about this economical solution that offers the flexibility necessary in the modern commercial or industrial building situation.