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McQuay has become a global leader in the manufacturing industry and has been providing a range of high quality products and expertise to ensure all the demands of their customers are met. HVAC systems are designed to provide optimal system performance and maximum comfort for the user by specifically customizing designs to suit the need. The flexibility provided in products enable the users to increase the level of customization. International works to provide parts dealers, distributers, and suppliers with lower installation costs and reduced operating cost along with better energy efficiency, smoother and quieter running, high level of indoor air quality and maintenance and service at lower costs.

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OEM parts are critical to the upkeep of equipment performing at maximum efficiency. With government regulations looming and energy costs rising, this is essential for both compliance and the bottom line.

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MicroTech II Controls from provides easy integration into building automation systems of your choice. A lot or pre-testing has been performed with the suppliers of building automation systems. Compliances to BACnet and LonTalk protocols are are also met. MicroTech II service tools software allows easy monitoring and servicing for MicroTech II unit controllers used in products. Microtech comes with Conformance Statements (PICS) and the LONMARK eXternal Interface Files.

Optional communications modules plug into rooftop, self-contained, unit ventilator and chiller unit controllers to communicate with the building automation system using the protocol of your choice. Depending on unit type, communication protocol options include:

•BACnet® MS/TP

•BACnet IP

•BACnet Ethernet

•LonTalk® (all are LONMARK® 3.3 certified)

•Modbus® RTU

Communication modules can be changed should the life of the equipment exceed the life of your BAS. MicroTech II ServiceTools software allows easy monitoring, editing, and servicing for MicroTech II unit controllers used in applied air handling units and applied terminal systems.

The MicroTech II Chiller Unit Controller contains data points or unit variables that are accessible from as many as four user interfaces: the unit keypad/display, the Operator Interface Touch Screen, a BACnet MS/TP network, or a LONWORKS network. The MicroTech II Chiller Unit Controller can be configured in either an interoperable BACnet MS/TP or LONWORKS network