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McQuay Heating parts are all available at HVACPLUS. Whether you are installing, repairing or upgrading an HVAC or refrigeration system, we have the right part for you. With more than 500,000 parts available online from a wide range of manufacturers like GE, Trane, Carrier, McQuay International, Emerson and more, we provide you one of the largest selections of HVAC spare parts on the web. With over night delivery and great discounts, we distribute replacement spares for heat pumps, air conditioners, furnaces, chillers and many more.

McQuay manufactures a full line of water source heat pump systems for boiler or tower and geothermal, like ground loop or ground source applications.Water source heat pumps systems basically move energy from areas where it is not required into specific zones where there is an energy need. This is how they are able to heat and cool buildings more efficiently . The energy is moved in water, which is very effective and requires minimal transport (pump) work. Other HVAC systems capable of moving energy around a building include fan assisted VAV and dual duct, dual fan VAV. However, these systems move the energy in air rather than water, which requires ceiling plenums, ducts and fans.

McQuay also makes these systems extremely environmentally friendly. High-efficiency, self-contained WSHP units are usable at any location in buildings. The units make use of a water loop. Boiler and a cooling tower make up parts of this system. The system varies based on the capacity required to handle at the area of installation. In geothermal loops, geoexchange from natural resources like wells, lakes, ect are used. This provides excellent comfort levels for occupants, better control of energy use for building owners and lower seasonal operating costs. These systems enhance the comfort for the users and also brings about great savings.

Water source heat pumps remain a revolutionary concept for their simplicity and outstanding energy performance. Products have improved, and so have the ways in which they are applied. For example, geothermal systems can produce unit EERs as high as 36!

Enfinity Console In-room Unit is designed for in-room usage. They come with the MicroTech III unit controller and makes use of the non-ozone depleting R-410A refrigerant, which–along with high Energy Efficiency Ratios (EER’s)–helps preserve our environment and precious energy resources. The models available are MHC and MHW. Enfinity Vertical Floor Mounted Unit also uses the R-410A refrigerant and has high Energy Efficiency Ratios. They provide high efficiency to users. They also come with a MicroTech III Unit Controller.

Enfinity™ water source heat pumps incorporate the best of our past and the best of what’s new. Using feedback from building owners, consulting engineers, contractors and service engineers, the company designed Enfinity products to give you maximum flexibility to design, install, operate and maintain the ideal water source heat pump system for your building project.

With Enfinity Water Source Heat pumps, you benefit from:

•High efficiency, low operating costs.

•Easy, low cost design and installation.

•Standard or extended range/geothermal application flexibility.

•Superior indoor air quality.

•Quiet, reliable operation.

•Easy, low-cost maintenance and service.