Buy McQuay heating and cooling Parts

McQuay heating and cooling units are well known worldwide. Indoor handling units, like the Destiny, can handle between 600 to 15,000 cfm. It comes in vertical and horizontal configurations and has a very rugged double-wall construction. It is fly quite in operation due to its internally isolated fan and motor. The Vision handlers can handle between 900 to 100,000 cfm and has a high operation efficiency due to better energy recovery. Installation, maintenance and servicing is very easy due to its innovative design.

The Skyline Outdoor handlers have a capacity between 900 to 65,000 cfm and the Roofpak models RDS and RAH have a capacity of 4000 to 50,000 cfm. It has a modular construction with Blow-through or Draw-through cooling coil configurations. Low installation cost are a benefit because it has better flexibility with Microtech controls.

Skyline™ Outdoor Handler features include:

• Flexibility—custom modular platform and multiple component options

• Operating efficiency—efficient fan selections

• Easy, low cost installation—ships assembled or by section with curb-ready base rail and heavy duty lifting lugs; optional roof curb kit with variable heights

• Easy maintenance and serviceability—easy-to-remove access panels

• Indoor quality—low leakage cabinet and double-sloped drain pan

It has a durable, weather tight cabinet. Cross-broken top panels eliminate standing water and a standing “C” cap over joint provides a watertight seal. It has a drip shield on all sides and over doors and a stainless steel liner option.

This type of handler eliminates metal-to-metal contact between paneling and framework to minimize leakage. It provides superior strength and promotes high IAQ and long life with its custom modular design.

This unit allows for custom selection and configuration of components to meet performance requirements and variable depths to meet your piping requirements, while also making inspection and cleaning easier.

Destiny™ Handler features

• Rugged, double-wall construction

• Internally isolated fan and motor for quiet operation

• IAQ compliant galvanized or stainless steel drain pan

• AHRI certified fan performance on all unit sizes

• Easy access on both sides of unit interior and optional bottom filter access

The McQuay Destiny™ indoor handler is a full-featured, light handler providing a single solution for blower coil and low pressure handler applications. Destiny handlers ranging from 600 to 15,000 cfm, eliminate the need to choose between the low cost of a blower coil and the performance of an handler in new construction or retrofit building projects. They can be applied in any blower coil or small handler application in offices, schools, hotels, government buildings, stores and hospitals. By offering one product design in a size range that traditionally has required two products, the Destiny handler helps simplify your project design and specification, and it provides uniform installation procedures.

In the water source heat pump sector, McQuay makes a range of products. Water Source Heat Pump systems are efficient and environmentally friendly and prove to be great devices for heating or cooling buildings. They work by moving energy from places where they are not required to needed areas. The Enfinity Console In-room Unit and the Vertical Floor Mounted Units are two of the models manufactured by McQuay.

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