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McQuay Heaters come in different varieties, like the cabinet unit heater models CHF and CHB. Type CHF floor units are designed for use in three different types of installations: As a floor console, most frequently located below a window for draft-free performance in the conditioned area. As a wall hung console in areas where a cove or molding prevents the use of a floor console. Or as a semi-recessed console for areas where a minimum of cabinet projection is desirable.

Type CHB basic units are designed for floor, wall and ceiling applications that require a fully recessed installation. These units contain all of the features of the type CHF floor console unit, except that only the base casing is furnished instead of the decorator styled cabinet. The solidstate fan speed controller is furnished unit mounted. All models are ARI certified and come with a heavy-gauge galvanized steel cabinet. Discharge options through the top or front are also available. Models come with solid-state fan speed control. The fan is housed in die-hard housings, which makes the system operate on a quieter level. The fan wheels are centrifugal and forward curve for high performance. A variable speed motor specially designed and thoroughly tested for use with the solid-state controller is used. The McQuay model UH is a horizontal delivery heater, whereas the model UD is a vertical delivery heater. The intermittent or continuous fan operation controls come as options with this model. They have copper coils of 1/2" diameter, with aluminum fins which are 12 per inch.

Model UH Horizontal Delivery Heaters and Model UD Vertical Delivery Heaters

•Two-pipe applications up to 150 psig steam or 220 psig, 375 degree water

•Copper coils, 1/2" diameter, with aluminum fins (12 per inch)

•Intermittent or continuous fan operation controls (optional)

•Standard 115/60/1 PSC motors, enclosed with thermal overload protection

•230/60/1; 230/460/3 motors available

•Explosion proof motors available

•Finger-proof fan guards standard

•CSA listed

•Baked-on, antique ivory paint

•Optional deflectors: cone jet, truncone, louvers and 3 or 4 cone anemostat

The McQuay cabinet unit heater combines all the time proven quality features of McQuay units with a solid-state speed controller and a modern decorator styled cabinet to meet today's ever-increasing demands for attractive appearance, quiet performance, proven reliability and individual comfort control in apartments, hotels, hospitals, motels, offices, etc.

Cabinet unit heaters are made in floor and basic types as standard and a field installed conversion kit is available for ceiling applications to provide the architect and engineer with the required flexibility for proper system design. McQuay cabinet unit heaters Features:

• Modern decorator styled cabinet. Clean, simple lines with an attractive bar-type discharge grille to blend with any decor.

• Solid-state fan speed controller. Positive speed control with voltage compensating circuit.

• Variable speed motor. Specially designed and thoroughly tested for use with the solid-state controller.

• A new low in sound power output. Low, uniform coil face velocities at reduced fan speeds.

• Wide range of applications. Two unit types (floor and basic), seven sizes in each unit type. Floor unit can be converted for ceiling use by adding ceiling conversion kit.

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