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McQuay Exchanger can be found mostly in recovering devices. These recovery devices have generally been used in applications with high minimum outdoor requirements. It might make sense to use these devices in less demanding applications given the increasing cost of . In order to ensure acceptable indoor quality, usually outside is used in the form of ventilation. But this comes at a cost, since each time outside is brought in, it has to be conditioned to match the indoor space requirements. There are two basic types of -to- recovery equipment, sensible devices and enthalpy devices (or total devices). Sensible devices transfer sensible (or ) from the return stream to the supply stream. The raises the incoming outdoor temperature in the winter and lowers it in the summer. savings result from the reduced need for mechanical ing or cooling. Examples include plate exchangers, runaround loops, sensible wheels and pipe exchangers. Enthalpy devices transfer both sensible and moisture (latent ). Examples of enthalpy devices include enthalpy wheels and permeable membrane exchangers. An Enthalpy device is a thermodynamic function of a system, equivalent to the sum of the internal of the system plus the product of its volume multiplied by the pressure exerted on it by its surroundings.

In geothermal pumps, a ground loop is a exchanger that either extracts or adds to the ground. Open loop systems that use lake water are also available, but should use filtration equipment or secondary exchangers to deal with contaminates.

While they have been around for several years, recovery devices have generally been used in applications with high minimum outdoor requirements. Given the savings they can generate amd rising cost of , it makes good sense to consider using an recovery device in less demanding applications.

McQuay takes pride in providing engineered products that can give you flexibility to build the exact HVAC systems you need for optimum efficiency, good indoor quality, low sound and low cost installation and service. They have introduced their latest innovations: factory-installed and tested recovery options available in McQuay® Vision™ handlers and Roofpak™ applied rooftop systems and rooftop handlers.

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