Buy McQuay Fan Coil Parts

McQuay Fan Coils come in the following four types:

  • Horizontal Fan Coils
    The THC model has 200 to 1200 cfm capacity whereas the model TSH and TSC comes between 200 and 1200 cfm. The thermal efficiency is very high in this system due to the design of the coil which helps in good mixing of air. The quiet operation is due to the high-efficiency centrifugal fan assembly. Cost of installation is reduced with the field-flexible and service-friendly design. The TSH and TSC conserves space by being designed light and compact and comes in 2-pipe or 4-pipe configurations along with a stainless steel drain pan.
  • Large Capacity Fan Coils
    These come with direct drive hideaway and are designed for installation in a fully concealed ceiling location. These are designed to automatically adjust against the external static pressure variations due to the different layout of ducts. They come with vertically mounted standard or high capacity water coils and multi speed slit capacitor motors. The cabinet is made of stainless steel. The Direct drive cabinet ceiling is designed for installation by suspending from ceilings within any concealed location within buildings. The bottom and side panels can be easily removed hence making installation and servicing easy, which makes installation in a fully concealed location simple. The Belt drive hideaway are really cost effective as they are as easy to install as smaller fan coils but at the same time have the heavy duty performance of large belt drive air handling . The belt drive ceiling is made for ceiling suspension and come in different sizes ranging from 800 to 3000 nominal cfm.
  • Vertical Fan Coils
    The models TSS, TPF, TSF and TSB Floor are manufactured and have a capacity ranging from 200 to 1200 cfm and come in seven sizes. The models HSS stacking and KZZ knockdown stacking snits have a range varying from 300 to 1200 cfm.
  • Heaters
    Models CHF, CHB cabinet heaters and models UH horizontal air delivery heaters and UD vertical air delivery heaters are manufactured by Mcquay.

Each fan coil is factory-fitted with LonMark™ direct digital controls for efficient operation. Valve control and temperature set point adjustments are accessible through a hand-held device. Quick connects on sensors and relays simplify servicing and replacement. Communication wiring is run from controller to controller using a standard plug-in jack and Ethernet cable, making a continuous loop around the perimeter of the building. Technicians simply plug in the to the pre-wired system during installation. A future project will tie these into a building automation system.

McQuay HiLine fan-coil are easy to install, which helps save on labor costs. They're easy to maintain, so upkeep costs can be reduced. With outstanding energy efficiency, the HiLine fan-coil can help keep operating costs down without sacrificing room comfort. In fact, in some instances, one McQuay HiLine fan-coil is doing the job that formerly required two .

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