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McQuay Contactors are nothing but specific type of relays. It's actually a larger form of relay. When a large amount of current needs to be passed through the contacts, then it is known as a contactor. The Destiny indoor air handler comes with a single point power. The electric heat, including contactors and fuses, is factory wired. Similarly, the fan motor is also factory wired. It also has a heat safety feature, the fan interlock method which prevents the heater from being energized unless the fan is on. The heater comes with two interlock methods: an airflow switch, and the use of an auxiliary contact in the motor starter contactor or the fan relay. The Air-Cooled Screw Compressor Chillers come with mechanical high pressure equipment protection control. This is a single pole, pressure-activated switch that opens on a pressure rise. When the switch opens, the control circuit is de-energized, dropping power to the compressor and fan motor contactors. The compressors in these systems will not work if there is defect in the compressor, contactor or its coil.

The McQuay Destiny™ air handler is a full featured, lite air handler that provides a single, economical solution for blower coil and low pressure air handler applications from 600 to 15,000 cfm. Destiny air handlers include many features that make it a superior choice over blower coils and other low pressure air handlers, including:

• Double-wall construction with foam injected insulation for durable construction, easy cleaning and superior IAQ.

• Internally isolated fan and motor assembly with a flex collar on the fan discharge for low vibration and quieter operation.

• ARI Certified fan performance for all sizes.

• Capable of higher operating static pressures than blower coils for greater flexibility in ducting and placement.

• Easy maintenance and service access on both sides.

McQuay International is a manufacturer of engineered and highly customized solutions which are used in commercial, industrial and residential setups. They make HVAC products which are reliable and have a long life. With good expertise in the domain and quality systems, they are leaders in the heating and cooling solutions arena. They also provide responsive support. Brands like Remington, Singer, HermanNelson Company, American Air Filter and Perfex are all brands that have come from McQuay.

Certified Parts from McQuay are OEM, not generic substitutes. You can be sure of getting the exact part you need, that fits perfectly without retrofit. All Certified McQuay Parts carry a 1 year warranty from date of purchase. OEM parts allow you to maintain your McQuay equipment in peak performance condition, while maintaining the original specs and efficiencies and extend the operation life of your investment.

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