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McQuay Condensor Motors are used in the condensing units manufactured by the company. There are two models - RCS and ACZ-B. The RCS model comes in different capacities like 6.5 to 7.5 tons, 10 to 12 tons and 15 to 20 tons. These are single refrigerant Circuit Air-Cooled Scroll Condensing Units. They are priced very competitively and come with vertical air discharge condenser fans for silent functioning. The scroll compressors used in this device provides maximum reliability, efficiency and smooth operation. They are compatible with field supplied WYRG thermostats and use the R-410A refrigerant.

Condensing Unit for Applied Rooftop and Air Handler Systems

• The RCS air cooled, remote condenser offers a wide selection of nominal capacities from 15 to 140 tons.

• Units are designed for quiet and energy efficient operation meeting ASHRAE 90.1 efficiency requirements.

• Dual circuits with scroll compressors with multiple stages for maximum capacity control.

• The RCS unit can be matched to a McQuay Vision™, Skyline™, or Destiny™ air handling unit, as well as Hi F5 and E5 DX coils.

ACZ-4 ACZ 010A through 155B 3

The ACZ family of air-cooled scroll condensing units offers a wide selection of units from 10 to 155 tons. The ACZ-A series has capacities from 10 to 39 tons with a single refrigerant circuit using a set of tandem scroll compressors. The ACZ-B series has capacities from 30 to 155 tons with dual refrigerant circuits with either two or three scroll compressors in each of two circuits.

The ACZ series of air-cooled scroll condensing continues McQuay’s legacy of high quality, high efficiency, latest technology and quiet operation. These features make the ACZ family the best overall value in air-cooled condensing units available today.

Efficient Operation

The ACZ units utilize R22 to meet the efficiency requirements of ASHRAE 90.1. With either two or three scroll compressors for each of two refrigerant circuits, excellent part load performance is achieved.

Latest Control Technology

These units have the latest control technology through utilization of McQuay’s new MicroTech II™ microprocessor. Integrating with your building automation system is easy with the Protocol Selectability™ feature using LONMARK®, BACnet® or Modbus® network communication, requiring only the addition of a small communication module to the unit controller.

Compact Size

McQuay's reputation for compact designs with small footprints to minimize space requirements continues to be a primary feature.

Quiet Operation

The ACZ units further enhance McQuay’s reputation for low operating sound levels to make these condensing “neighborhood friendly”.

condenser unit, which can handle 15 to 140 tons, is a dual circuit air-cooled scroll condensing unit. The efficiency is about 12.1 EER at full load. The reliable scroll compressors have very few parts which are moving. Backup cooling is provided by two circuits on various sizes.

It can operate at low ambient range down to 0°F and works on R-410A refrigerant. Mcquay also manufactures the higher end air-cooled split system condensing unit for rooftop systems and air handlers. The capacity varies from 25 to 135 tons. This system meets ASHRAE 90.1 efficiency specifications for silent operation. The RCS unit can easily be integrated to a McQuay Vision, Skyline, or Destiny air handling unit. The condenser fans use three phase fan motors with vertical air discharge for quiet operation. The motor eliminates reverse rotation for extended functioning over long periods.

Parts has designed a new direct replacement condenser motor for use on Type K Incremental units. The new motor, part number 803024020, replaces the original motor of the same number.

The 803024020 was discontinued for a short time, but due to demand was re-designed, and is in stock and ready to ship.

Drop In Replacement

The wiring and mount are identical, making replacement a breeze. This motor is a McQuay Factory Authorized replacement part. The usage for this motor are Model K/EK, 7, 10, or 12000 BTU, 208 or 230 V, vintage F.

The Type K was made under many brand names including McQuay, Remington, Singer, and Climate Control.

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