Buy McQuay Condensor Coil Parts

McQuay Condensor Coils are integral components to the company's product line, like their air cooled condensers. The condenser coils used in air-cooled condensers of 130 to 2225 MBh are made to work with R-134a, R-407C, and R-410A. The model ACH offers the most capacity for the money. These ACL and ACX provide excellent efficiency and sound ratings and come at a fairly good price. They are easy to install as well, ensuring a decrease in installation costs and less installation time. Quieter operation sounds are provided by using high performance fan motors and blades. The condensor coils used in these systems are very high efficiency to ensure maximum performance.

Fluid coolers from the company are manufactured with heavy gauge galvanized steel since they are for outdoor usage. This enables corrosion protection. The condensing coils are designed for maximum heat transfer. They are fabricated with corrugated aluminum fins and staggered copper tubes. The installation costs and time are a lot less since they come pre-installed with field wiring and lifting brackets. Leaks at the tubesheets are removed with Mcquay's Floating Tube design. The blade and fan motor assemblies are dynamic stress tested to ensure low vibration levels and to improve the reliability of the air moving assembly.

McQuay offers condensing units, air cooled condensers and fluid coolers to meet a variety of project requirements. Whether the priority is life cycle costs, initial costs or quiet, reliable performance, McQuay has a solution. Units are available from 10 to 140 tons with a full range of options to meet efficiency, performance or serviceability requirements.

Air Cooled Condensers:

Direct Drive Condenser Series The McQuay direct-drive, air-cooled condensers are available in three different models, each with 24 sizes and numerous options. They are designed to be used with McQuay Model WGS screw compressors (R-134a) or WGZ scroll compressor chillers (R-22).

Model ACH, providing low-cost, high capacity performance where sound and efficiency are not major concerns.

Models ACL and ACX, providing moderate cost, excellent capacity and efficiency, coupled with low sound levels.

•Model ACH offers the most capacity per dollar

•Models ACL and ACX provide excellent efficiency and sound ratings at a moderate price

•Easy-to-install design saves installation cost and time

•Fan motors and blades have been selected for the best performance at minimum sound levels

•Condenser coils designed to operate with R-134a, R-407C and R-410A

Fluid Coolers:

•Designed for outdoor installation with heavy gauge galvanized steel construction to resist corrosion

•Factory-installed lifting brackets and single point field wiring reduce installation costs and time

•Coils are fabricated with corrugated aluminum fins and staggered copper tubes for optimum heat transfer

The capacity for air-cooled condensers is based on Total Heat of Rejection (THR) at the condenser. Total heat of rejection is equal to net refrigeration at the evaporator (compressor capacity) plus the energy input into the refrigerant by the compressor (heat of compression). The heat of compression will vary depending on the compressor manufacturer, type of compressor and the operating conditions of the compressor. Whenever possible, obtain the heat of compression value from the compressor manufacturer for the specific conditions.

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