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McQuay Compressors are the key components of the Dual Compressor Centrifugal Chiller which supports 400 - 2700 tons. There are two models in this - one comes with a single circuit called the WDC and the other is the dual circuit called the WCC. The single circuit parallel flow version provides very high part load efficiency, especially with optional variable frequency drives. Whereas the dual circuit series counterflow version WCC delivers exceptional full load efficiency. The compressor is designed such that the system provides good unloading. McQuay makes a range of water-cooled chillers with a variety of compressor types like screw compressor, scroll and single compressor centrifugal.

The screw model has a capacity of 120 - 190 tons. The single main rotor screw provides quieter operation than rotor screw types. The WGS model's remote condenser is designed for use with remote air-cooled or evaporative condensers, which uses the R-134a refrigerant and therefore has no ozone depletion potential or phase-out schedule. Model WGZ which uses the scroll has a capacity varying from 30 - 200 tons. This system uses the R-410A refrigerant. The efficiency varies from 16.7 EER at full and up to 20.1 EER at part . The WSC model uses single centrifugal with a capacity ranging between 200 - 1250 tons.


McQuay is considered the expert when it comes to centrifugal technology. They have been successfully building centrifugal since 1971 and they are the only company that builds them with either a single refrigerant circuit (Model WDC) or two refrigerant circuits (Model WCC).

When coupled with McQuay's variable frequency drive, the extremely efficient are considerably more efficient than single in the same size range, with IPLVs (Integrated Part Value) in the low 0.3s kW per ton.

The McQuay centrifugal have two of everything, connected to the evaporator and condenser – two , two lubrication systems, two control systems, and two starters. If any component on a system fails, the component can be removed or repaired without shutting down the other , providing an automatic back-up with at least 60 percent of the chiller design capacity available on WDC units and 50 percent on WCC units.

usually spend 99% of their operating hours under part conditions, and most of this time at less that 60% of design capacity. One of a WDC chiller operates with the full heat transfer surface of the entire unit. For example, one 500-ton (1,750 kW) on a 1,000 ton (3,500 kW) chiller utilizes 1,000 tons (3500 kW) of evaporator and condenser surface. This increases the ’s capacity and also results in very high efficiency.

Chiller Overview

Circuit, WCC Counterflow have a separate refrigerant circuit for each . They are available in single pass only. They provide the high full efficiency advantage of two separate arranged for counterflow operation in a single, compact unit.

Single Circuit, WDC have a single-refrigerant circuit for the evaporator and condenser with two running in parallel and are available in one, two or three-pass configurations. Their salient feature is that at single-, part operation, the running can utilize the entire chiller’s heat transfer surface, providing outstanding part performance.

Designers and owners must decide which chiller type, or combination of chiller types, is best for their installation and application. Considerations include system efficiency, system reliability, space requirements, and total owning costs.

Single Centrifugal

The McQuay model WSC 200 to 1250 Tons features:

•Positive pressure design with R-134a refrigerant

•Smallest footprint per ton in the industry to optimize equipment room space

•Unmatched uning due to design with movable diffuser geometry

•Quiet design with unique refrigerant injection system

•Easy to retrofit with bolt-together construction for easy disassembly and re-assembly

•Controls flexibility

•Variable speed drives help to provide superior part efficiency

WDC excel at part operation, while single usually have better full efficiency. A good chiller plant strategy is to install one and one or more single units. Run the until it is fully ed, then switch to the single unit and run it only at full , using the to trim the .

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