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McQuay Chillers come in two types - air cooled and water cooled. McQuay makes many types of air-cooled chillers with a variety of compressor types. These various models are made to suit the specific requirement of users as well as a variety of budgets. The capacity ranges from 10 tons to 500 tons. High maintenance and heavy system complexity can be avoided by using large air cooled chillers which will avoid use of cooling towers. Optional pump packages are available based on the need to reduce installation time. There are scroll type models with a capacity varying from 10 -190 tons, model AGZ - B and AGZ - C are manufactured. The efficiency is more than ASHRAE Standard 90.1. They are quiet and reliable and come with a remote evaporator.

The Air-Cooled Screw have a capacity varying from 140 - 500 tons. It is a very silent system with sound pressure ratings as low as 63 dBA. It also comes with optional acoustical packages. The ratings are in accordance with ARI Standard 370. It comes with factory installed pump package and remote evaporators and Microtech II controls.

The Daikin Pathfinder comes with air cooled screw compressor. Daikin products are known for their innovativeness and have given the industry some of the best quality, performance and sustainability in their products. It has the most efficient full load and part load operation and the quietest sound levels published with sound pressure levels as low as 65 dBA. It comes with an optional variable frequency drive that allows for bigger savings. Its small size makes it usable in much smaller spaces. These systems are D-Net service capable. Support is a lot easier through remote maintenance via the internet.

Daikin Magnitude™ Frictionless

These products include the Magnitude WMC 145 to 400 tons and Magnitude WME 400 to 700 tons. The Daikin Magnitude™ is the most energy efficient in its size range. Using the Energy Analyzer™ program, the estimated energy savings with a Magnitude are impressive. They are ideal for high performance HVAC systems and have been installed in sustainable buildings designed to meet requirements for LEED® Green Building Certification.

The Daikin Magnitude™ is the quietest in its size as well. Sound levels are even lower at reduced loads and non-standard design conditions. That makes it ideal for sound sensitive environments such as schools, performance halls, museums, condominiums and libraries.

The compact size of the Magnitude™ makes it ideal for retrofit and replacement installations, which frees up space that would have been used for equipment to be put to more productive use. Some models can even fit through a standard 36-inch door without disassembling the shells. Even the most challenging access projects can be accommodated using McQuay's factory disassembly option. Numerous Magnitude™ have been installed around the world, providing consistent comfort and energy savings.

Water Cooled Screw

McQuay water cooled ECOPLUS is a range of using StarGateTM Frame 3200 single screw compressors. They are manufactured to satisfy the requirements of the consultants and the end user. ECOPLUS units are designed to minimize energy costs while maximizing the refrigeration capacities. The company has developed a line of unsurpassed in performance and quality that will meet the most stringent requirements of comfort cooling, ice storage and process applications. Their design experience combined with outstanding features makes the ECOPLUS unmatched in the industry.

Lower noise – higher flexibility

The primary reason for quiet operation is the compressor design itself. McQuay continues their approach of a single main rotor with two adjacent twin rotating gate-rotors. This allows the possibility to have two compression cycles per main rotor round for a constant gas flow. This compression process completely eliminates gas pulsations, one of the most important noise sources. The oil injection also results in a significant mechanical noise reduction.

The twin gas compressor discharge chambers are designed to act as attenuators, based on the harmonic wave principle with destructive interference. The extremely low noise compressor performance allows the use of ECOPLUS for all applications.

Lower vibration levels – higher reliability

Because the moving components in the Single Screw Compressor are purely rotational and the loads are basically balanced, the dynamic forces and vibrations created by the system are very low. This reduced vibration results in less movement to refrigerant lines and other parts of the system. The extremely low vibration levels, inherent with the single-screw design, will not pass through system piping and allow objectionable resonated sound to be carried into the building.

Outstanding reliability features

Zero clearance fit between the two gate-rotors and main screw rotor virtually eliminates leakage between the high and low-pressure sides during compression. Special gate-rotor material made from an advanced composite, temperature stable material makes a zero clearance design possible. The unsurpassed efficiency Full factory testing of the unit with water hookups helps provide a trouble-free start-up. Extensive quality control checks during testing means that each equipment protection and operating control is properly adjusted and operates correctly before it leaves the factory. Factory-installed options minimize field expenses and startup labor.

The rugged design of the single-screw compressor allows it to be tolerant of liquid slugging. The McPower screw will start and operate under conditions that would often destroy other compressors. Very low loading enhances the bearing and compressor reliability and due to symmetrical compression taking place on both sides of the main screw rotor, balanced forces result in the elimination of the large radial force loads inherent in twin-screw compressors.

The is equipped with brackets directly installed on heat exchangers. The evaporator and the suction piping are appropriately insulated to prevent condensation.

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