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McQuay Burners come in different models. The SuperMod High Turndown Gas Burner is one of the most advanced indirect gas fired heating systems available today for rooftop applications. It was manufactured to specifically address the problems involved with ever increasing ventilation and always changing heating loads. The SuperMod burner provides full 20:1 turndown with continuous modulation between 5% and 100% capacity at normal inlet gas pressures. This device will provide significantly closer temperature control over the full modulation range required for make-up air units. The rating of the burner by the manufacturer is a very important parameter while considering the purchase of one, the btu output being the other. There are 14 available sizes ranging from 200 to 2,000 MBH output capacity. This gives the users a much wider choice and helps in choosing the most appropriate size.

Choosing the correct size provides close temperature control throughout the range, allowing the VAV unit to take advantage of a single, unit mounted furnace for main heating and MAT tempering. But an over-sized unit will reduce system performance making the system unusable without additional heating sources to handle low MAT tempering. This results in added cost and a more complex set of systems to maintain.

Forced Draft Gas Fired Furnace on McQuay Rooftop Systems

This forced draft gas burner is specifically designed for use with the furnace on rooftop heating and air conditioning units which are for outdoor installation only. Each model size has unique burner head components to tailor the shape of the flame to each particular stainless steel combustion chamber, to match the capacity requirement, and to offer a desirable turndown potential when arranged for modulation. This is a forced draft burner with a high pressure combustion air fan and will operate against pressure. This eliminates the need for draft inducers, chimneys, draft hoods, barometric dampers, and Breidert caps.

If the burner was specified for operation at higher altitudes, combustion air adjustments are compensated to result in proper settings at the higher altitude. This checkout normally eliminates on-the-job start-up problems; however, the equipment is subject to variable job conditions and shipping shocks can change adjustments, cause damage, and loosen connections and fasteners. Therefore, it is necessary to go through the complete start-up procedure even though the unit may appear to be operating properly.

The rooftop unit is equipped with an outdoor air louver to supply adequate combustion air. The unit also has a flue outlet assembly and requires no additional chimney, flue pipe, Breidert cap, draft inducer, etc.

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