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McQuay Bearing are manufactured to be frictionless. Some HVAC systems are designed around new frictionless, magnetic bearing centrifugal chillers. This can bring about amazing benefits like consumption of lesser power, lower operating costs, and less noise while operating. The frictionless chiller from the company features magnetic bearing compressor technology that is oil free. The noise levels are heavily reduced since the magnetic bearings eliminate the interaction between metals. As such contact is reduced the noise is automatically much lower than conventional bearings. Sound ratings are as low as 77 dBA per ASHRAE Standard 575. These components do not need lubrication of any kind. All associated devices like oil heaters, oil coolers, oil pumps or oil piping, and oil reservoirs are eliminated.

The quiet operation of the frictionless chiller also makes it possible to avoid installing it on a housekeeping pad, which is an overhead since it is primarily used to keep noise levels low. This ensures significant cost savings and also saves space. The magnetic bearing compressor also weighs just a fraction of a typical centrifugal compressor ensuring easier installation. The company is a leader in all systems related to HVAC.

McQuay Parts, an HVAC manufacturer, is adding the AEGIS™ Bearing Protection Rings to their current product portfolio. McQuay’s “Go Green” goals of energy-efficient and cost-saving upgrades and retrofits is a great fit with the AEGIS™ SGR product line. distributors can now provide packaged system solutions that include a Variable Frequency Drive, motor, and bearing protection ring.

McQuay is the first national HVAC manufacturer to sell the AEGIS™ line through their parts catalog and offers incredible reach to contractors and end users through Parts distributors from coast-to-coast. To ensure all distributors are well-versed and comfortable with this product line, and EST-ITW completed a series of Webinars in the Fall of 2010. In March 2011, EST was invited to the national Parts Distributor Meeting and Tradeshow in Minneapolis. There were 150 attendees including distributors and Sales. AEGIS™ presented a live demonstration of a motor/drive system with and without AEGIS™ followed up by a comprehensive presentation. The team is ready and eager to share this knowledge with their customers.

When AC motors are controlled by variable frequency drives (VFD), electrical currents are induced on the motor shaft. With no grounding device to divert these harmful currents, they discharge through the motor’s bearings causing fusion craters, fluting and pitting which leads to excessive noise, premature motor failure, costly repairs and downtime. By specifying and installing AEGIS™ SGR Bearing Protection Ring, shaft currents are safely channeled away from the bearings and through the AEGIS™ ring to ground.

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