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McQuay conditioning manufactures The Destiny, an handler for low-pressure -handler applications and for applications where the blower coil is also low cost. This is typically in the range of 600 - 15,000 cfm. The Destiny units can be installed on the ceiling or mounted on the floor. It has a stainless steel sloped drain pan with a double wall. The structure is made of foam injected panel. For much smoother and quieter operation, the fan and motor are isolated and the discharge opening has a collar. The centrifugal fan used in this conditioner allows higher static pressures than the general available fans currently on the market. This provides better flexibility for use in ducts.

The Destiny™ Advantage

The Destiny™ handler is a full featured, lite handler that provides a single, economical solution for blower coil and low pressure handler applications from 600 to 15,000 cfm. Destiny handlers include many features that make it a superior choice over blower coils and other low pressure handlers, including:

•Double-wall construction with foam injected insulation for durable construction, easy cleaning and superior IAQ.

•Internally isolated fan and motor assembly with a flex collar on the fan discharge for low vibration and quieter operation.

•ARI Certified fan performance for all sizes.

•Capable of higher operating static pressures than blower coils for greater flexibility in ducting and placement.

•Easy maintenance and service access on both sides.

The Destiny™ handler is available in horizontal configurations with chilled water or direct expansion (DX) cooling, and hot water, steam or electric heat. The coil section is field-interchangeable, allowing the unit to be piped from either side to help avoid obstructions, conserve space and simplify installation. Drain connections on both ends of the stainless steel drain pan further support this flexibility.

Destiny handlers are equipped with a high efficiency double width, double inlet (DWDI) centrifugal blower that maximizes efficiency while minimizing turbulence and operating sound levels. The blower shaft is solid steel with self-aligning ball bearings that are designed for 200,000 hours of operation. The fan and motor are isolated from the unit frame using rubber in shear isolators (010 and smaller) and spring isolators (sizes 015 and larger) to help minimize vibration and provide quiet operation. A tarpaulin cloth “flex collar” between the fan housing and discharge helps to further minimize vibration and operating sound levels.

McQuay manufactures handlers for indoor as well as outdoor use. The Destiny falls in the indoor category and is ARI certified for its fan performance. The Vision handler can handle 900 to 100,000 cfm and has the variable dimensioning feature with efficient fans for better operation efficiency. Installation is easy and low cost and this product is easy to maintain and service.

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