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McQuay Self-Contained Air Conditioning units, models SWT 018C through 040C are water-cooled packaged air conditioning units designed for ducted applications. They are factory tested and key sections include the fan section, economizer and the core heating or cooling. Some typical parts in this system are multiple scroll compressors, water cooled condensers, evaporators, thermal expansion valves, refrigerant piping, forward curved centrifugal fan, belt drive, fan motor, and safety controls. These systems come equipped with the The MicroTech II unit controller. The SWP 018 through 105 have a capacity varying from 20 to 125 ton. Blazer industries was a pioneer in the SWP self contained air conditioning systems. This system has quiet operation with energy saving economizer operation and building part load operation. Multiple compressors and refrigerant circuits are there in the SWP system for improved efficiency and redundancy.

SWP water-cooled condensers use the high end tubing used in centrifugal chillers.McQuay centrifugal chiller products offer customers an unbeatable combination of performance, reliability, unique construction features, a long-term refrigerant, and advanced control technology, all adding up to a superior value. Their centrifugal chiller products are engineered for flexibility and performance.

Model WDC, Dual Compressor Chiller

•400 to 2500 tons capacity (AHRI conditions)

•Outstanding part load performance

•Duplicate components for excellent reliability

Model WCC, Dual Compressor, Counterflow

•1200 to 2700 tons capacity, (AHRI conditions, single pass)

•Two refrigerant circuits for true counterflow

•Outstanding full load performance

•Duplicate components for excellent reliability

Model WSC, Single Compressor Chiller

•200 to 1250 tons capacity (AHRI conditions)

•Excellent full load performance

Model HSC, Heat Recovery Chiller

•Recovers heat normally lost in cooling towers

•Produces simultaneous cooling and heating

Model TSC, Templifier Water Heater

•Recovers waste heat

•5,000 MBH to 24,000 MBH capacity

•Hot water to 140F; COP as high as 7

Model WMC/WME, Magnitude™ Magnetic Bearing Compressors

•Oil-free design, 145 to 570 tons

•Excellent part load performance

•Extremely quiet and vibration free

McQuay has the ability to design and manufacture special centrifugal compressor chillers with unique design characteristics such as completely packaged, indoor or outdoor chiller plants. Each chiller has a microprocessor controller for unit functions plus a separate microprocessor for each compressor. Should the operator interface panel and/or the unit controller be unavailable on units above 550 tons, the compressor controller(s) will maintain chiller operation, greatly increasing unit reliability.

All McQuay centrifugal chillers use R-134a instead of R-123 refrigerant. R-134a offers the following distinct customer benefits:

•Positive Pressure Design

R-134a chillers operate with the entire system above atmospheric pressure at all times. In the event of a small leak, refrigerant escapes from the chiller to the atmosphere; this allows easy detection and repair. With R-123, air leaks into the system, making leak detection and repair a difficult task.

•No Purge Unit

Even with the best and newest purge units, some refrigerant will be discharged to the atmosphere. Purge units, with their compressor, tanks and piping can be high maintenance components. R-134a refrigerant has no ozone depletion potential and no phase-out schedule.

•No Annual Lubricant Maintenance

Annual oil maintenance is required with low-pressure designs, increasing owning cost. When air and moisture seep into a negative pressure machine, the acid and corrosion that can form must be removed periodically. McQuay’s positive pressure design does not require this maintenance. Under normal operation, the oil charge and filter are good for the life of the unit!

A very important point to consider when selecting a chiller is the sustainability, over time, of the original purchased performance. All McQuay centrifugal chillers are positive pressure design, using R-134a refrigerant (the first manufacturer to do so) and the chiller performance is sustainable for the life of the unit.

Other important benefits include:

•No Refrigerant Availability Issue

•Lower Health Risk with McQuay R-134a

•Smaller Equipment Rooms

•Quiet Operation

Gear Drive Advantage:

•Lower Vibration

•Unique Lubrication System

•Selectable Impeller Speeds

Four-compressor units are available with two refrigerant circuits in this model resulting in better sustenance and back up, lowest cost, best part load efficiency, and more value. Energy saving, advanced technology, variable frequency drive (VFD) fan speed control is available with the convenience and cost savings of factory mounting and testing. The MicroTech II Multiple Air Handler Control (MAC) provides control coordination for multiple units serving a common space or feeding a common ductwork system.

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