Buy Invensys Damper Motors

The Invensys Group is made up of Process Systems (comprising IPS and Wonderware), Eurotherm, Invensys Rail Group and Controls. designs, engineers and manufactures for residential and commercial buildings for comfort, safety and automation.

Actuators hold open fire and smoke in a building's heating, ventilation and conditioning (HVAC) system. A spring mechanism, integrated with the , is designed to close the during a fire to limit the spread of smoke, fire and fumes.


are valves or plates that stop or regulate the flow of inside a duct, chimney, VAV box, handler, or other handling equipment. A may be used to cut off central conditioning (heating or cooling) to an unused room, or to regulate it for room-by-room temperature and climate control. Its operation can be manual or automatic. Various types of offerings from include the following:



• and Round Motorized

•Rectangular Motorized

•Parallel Blade Rectangular DAOP Series

•Round DAR Series

• BP Series


Zoning is where (or valves) are used to direct heating and cooling from a single HVAC system to more than one area, as needed. Zoning is used for vaulted ceilings, large homes with varying user schedules, multiple level homes, rooms over the garage, finished basements and rooms with large glass facing sunlight.

Benefits of Zoning:

•Increases efficiency and improves comfort.

•Zoning is not multiple HVAC units, each serving a different area or floor.

•A Two- System will most likely have two , each one controlling the flow to a .

•A Controller connects multiple thermostats to a single HVAC system.


Fire prevent the spread of fire and/or smoke inside the ductwork where the ductwork penetrates fire-resistance rated walls and floors. They are used to maintain the required rating of fire rated barriers (walls, partitions, floors) when they are penetrated by ductwork. When a rise in temperature occurs, a fire will close and prevent the spread of flame through the barrier.


Rotary resemble small boxes and operate via a rotating pivot. These enable products to function with a smooth mechanical motion.

and Round Motorized

and Round Motorized are designed to be used in control system application and for the control of flow in any duct system.


• duct allows excess pressure from the supply to escape into the return plenum

•Excess pressure is restricted from freely flowing back to the return plenum by adjusting the (s)

•A must be adjusted so that when all s are open, the closes

Rectangular Motorized

Rectangular motorized are designed to be used in control system application and for the control of flow in any duct system.

Parallel Blade Rectangular DAOP Series

The Parallel Blade Rectangular DAOP Series are available in 2-wire and 3-wire and are suited to work with pressure systems up to 1.2” W.C. Multiple sizes are available in all models of DAOP Rectangular .

Round DAR Series

The DAR Series of round are available in 2-wire or 3-wire and is suited to work with pressure systems up to 1.2” W.C.

BP Series

The BP Series Non-Electric are designed for use with forced constant volume control systems requiring to maintain proper static pressure.

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