Buy Invensys Controls Parts

When you are looking to buy Invensys controls parts, you need to find out about your options. These can be replacement parts or parts needed to make an upgrade to your existing system.

Invensys is the leader for manufacturing HVAC parts and systems. They have an array of OEM replacement parts as well as a number of valves, control motors, actuators, dampers, thermostats, electronic components and many others. They are often marketed under leading brands such as Ranco, Robertshaw and Erie.

Millions of residences and commercial properties around the world rely on Invensys products. They have been supported by a large global network of installers, distributors and suppliers. They deliver solutions designed to reduce the burden of inventory and provide savings with installation in terms of time and money.

Invensys combines software and technology to provide a lot of real-time applications for their customers. Specific processes are optimized and in today's world where efficiency rules, this is of the utmost importance. Customers are thus able to improve their productivity, make better decisions and reduce waste by using Invensys controls in the workplace. Residential customers can also benefit from water heating and HVAC products that are smartly engineered in order to save money on energy bills.

Some of the top Invensys products include:

- Valves

- Actuators

- Thermostats

- Power controllers

Of their valves, they have natural gas valves, combination valves, mixing valve controls and various valve parts which include the trim, bonnet and body.

Of their actuators, they have floating valve actuators, spring-return DuraDrive actuators, electronic actuators and more.

Of their thermostat parts, there are 24V range as well as C and CT series covers. The covers are designed with strength in mind as well as for pneumatic controls. They also have proportional room thermostats.

Of their power controllers, they have 7 Series as well as 7SD series controllers, each with unique features.

Some of the other Invensys parts you will find available in the marketplace include relays, ignitors and defrost timers. The defrost times are also available in multiple languages, making it easy for people all around the world to use the products. There are also Tork electric timers and light systems, remote control kits for fireplaces and much more. If it is electric or gas powered and can be controlled, it's likely that Invensys has figured out a way to control it. Some of their systems can also control multiple objects at once.

Contact HVAC Plus today to discover all of the Invensys control parts you need. We have a large inventory of parts from all of the leading manufacturers. No matter what the part is, we have it or can find it for you.