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The Carrier controls company manufactures a complete line of HVAC equipment that includes gas fired/electric cooling , electric cooling with optional electric heat, heat pump and water source heat pump to meet the most demanding HVAC system requirements. Carrier work inside all the company's .

Carrier are made specifically to support the different types of made by the company, like the Small and Medium Constant Volume Puron (R-410A) and the Small and Medium Constant Volume R-22 . The Centurion and Weathermaker series exist for both these categories. The Weathermaster series is a part of the R-22 . also support Large Constant and Variable Volume Puron (R-410A) and Large Constant and Variable Volume R-22 . The Weathermaster and the Weathermaker series also have models for the large category.

WeatherMaster large air conditioning , which feature non-ozone depleting Puron refrigerant and scroll compressors, exceed ASHRAE 90.1-2007 efficiency requirements.

The new WeatherMaster series offers significant improvements in efficiency while maintaining replacement compatibility with existing equipment. Utilizing ’s Novation heat exchanger technology, the provide improved condenser coil structural integrity while reducing the amount of refrigerant required, lowering maintenance and operational costs and limiting the environmental impact. The digital scroll compressor option provides unlimited stages of capacity for enhanced temperature control and improved occupant comfort. The double wall construction option is ideal for indoor air quality (IAQ) sensitive applications.

The new WeatherMaster series offers a wide range of options that are available for either factory or field installation, depending on the customer preference or installation requirements. The WeatherMaster large series is available in vertical or horizontal discharge arrangements and with constant or variable air volume, allowing the to be customized for a variety of applications.

Carrier's WeatherMaker Infinity furnaces are designed to minimize both natural gas and electricity costs, for true, bottom-line efficiency results. When these two costs are combined, no other manufacturer has lower overall energy consumption in as many applications.

The WeatherMaker 50TCQ have permanently lubricated evaporator-fan motor and totally enclosed condenser with permanently lubricated bearings. The 50PM Centurion has a high performance belt drive motor with variable pitch pulleys and a quick adjust belt system with permanently lubricated evaporator and condenser . The condenser are internally protected and totally enclosed with shaft down design.

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