Buy Carrier Residential Motor

Carrier Residential Motor is used by the company for the various products they manufacturer for the residential market. Carrier is a worldwide and well known brand for residential needs. They are trusted in more homes than any other manufacturer because of their heating and air conditioning products. From furnaces to central and room air conditioners; heat pumps to air purifiers and air cleaners, has all the world-leading heating and air conditioning products.

Carrier Residential Motors of various types exist in order to support the different types of heating and air conditioning systems manufactured by the company. The type of motor varies based on the usage of the system, the location of the system and the environment. From fan motors and furnace motors to AC fan motors, manufactures all kinds of motors for residential use. draft inducer motors are used in high end systems like the WeatherMaker 8000 gas furnace, which provides efficient, reliable indoor weather with a high AFUE and helps maximize the energy efficiency of the entire indoor weather system.

The Weathermaker, which provides efficient indoor heating, has 80% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency that will maintain a consistent temperature and keep you comfortable while also being energy efficient. Engineered to provide quiet, economical heating, Carrier has designed the cabinet to minimize noise and vibration resulting in reduced sound levels. The microprocessor controls the furnace to ensure fuel efficiency and comfortable temperature.

Solidly built to provide years of uninterrupted service, the Weathermaker 8000 is built by one of the more well-known furnace manufacturers and they have a good warranty to back up their product. There are many dealers who sell this model of furnace which will make finding a qualified repair technician a snap.

The WeatherMaker 8000 gas furnace provides the efficient, reliable indoor weather you deserve. Designed to fit all applications, the 58WAV is the upflow furnace and the 58ZAV fits downflow or horizontal installations. The WeatherMaker 8000 is quiet and economical. Its inducer fan maximizes heat transfer and has been designed to minimize noise and vibration. The cabinet is lined with a special acoustical insulation to reduce sound levels. Carrier's advanced microprocessor precisely controls furnace operation for optimum comfort and energy efficiency. The solid construction of this furnace ensures comfort and long-lasting performance.

Benefits include the energy-efficient performance of the Super-S heat exchanger and the inducer fan that stretches your fuel dollar with superior heat transfer, reliable efficient ignition of the burner as a result of the hot surface igniter system allowing for better use of fuel, and Safe operation from potentially harmful fuel gases provided by an exclusive draft safeguard switch which automatically shuts down the furnace if a common vent becomes blocked.

In the heating area, residential motor powers the globally popular heating systems from the company - the Infinity series, Performance series and the Comfort series. In the cooling section, residential motors are made to be utilized in central air conditioners and room air conditioners. At HVACPLUS, we work hard to provide you the widest range of residential motors, all in one place. Whatever your need may be, for all your repair and replacement requirements, you can choose from an array of motors. Apart from this, we also have a large range of products from many other manufacturers for you to choose from.