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Carrier Ptac Motors are basically packaged that stand for Packaged Terminal Conditioner. They often have and cooling components all in one box. The PTAC have better cooling and efficiencies than the traditional window unit. The 52CE-309 Heat / Cool 9000 btu cooling and 3 kw of electric heat requires a 208/230 volt circuit rated at 20 amps.

Irrespective of whether the requirement is cooling, and cooling or the advanced capability of a heat pump, highly engineered models like Performance and Solid Side packaged terminal conditioners offer quiet, efficient, comfort. motors drive these models. The low-noise 52M Performance Packaged Terminal Conditioner packs 7,000-15,000 BTUH of cooling and power. Being really slim and outfitted with easy controls, it's one of the most energy efficient in-room on the market. The 52F Solid Side Packaged Terminal Conditioner is an in-room heat/cool or cooling-only system with an easy-access filter. The 52F Solid Side Packaged Terminal Conditioner also fits most wall sleeves.

Carrier P.T.A.C. (Packaged Terminal Conditioner) have been used for years in many different applications for lodging, business and even residential environments. The name insures your peace of mind for quality, long-term reliability and efficient performance.

The origins of the began in 1902 when Willis Haviland invented the first modern conditioner, designed for improving manufacturing control in a printing plant. The fact that the conditioner resulted in both lower heat and lower humidity, it didn’t take long for other industries to realize the benefits of conditioning, and demand rose sharply. The company eventually expanded to make residential conditioners as well as .

PTAC are the type of stand-alone, through-the-wall conditioning and commonly used in hotels, dormitories, apartments, and institutional living quarters. They are a top choice for this type application for many reasons: They are relatively quiet, and temperature can be adjusted to suit each room. There’s no duct system required, and separate equipment rooms, water towers, and other cooling equipment aren’t required either. They work best in moderate climates because extreme heat and cold will overwork PTAC , compromising their efficiency.

Like pretty much all heat pumps, are mounted on a window or outside wall. Cooling capacities range from around 7,000 BTUH to 24,000 BTUH. These have an evaporator coil facing the room that will be cooled, and a condensing coil facing the outside. Most have a two or three speed fan for blowing the cool into the room. The PTAC that come with for cool weather use have a reverse cycle, in which a four-way valve is used for reversing the refrigerant flow. Some come with auxiliary for when the normal capacity is insufficient.

In some systems, the can be programmed to operate only within certain temperature ranges for energy savings. One reason for the great popularity of is that installation is fly straightforward. Typical installation requires a louver, a metal sleeve, a coil, the unit itself, and a room enclosure for the interior side of the unit.

The three important things to consider when choosing a unit are BTUs, size, and voltage. are the best overall choice in many applications, like motels, because they are powerful enough to cool and heat effectively and allow individual room temperature control. Because of their fly standard dimensions, they are are easy to replace when necessary, and can be replaced one by one on an as-needed basis and today’s PTAC are more efficient than ever.

Carrier Corporation is a leader in providing , ventilation, conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) systems, components, controls and services for residential, commercial, industrial and transportation applications, as well as the food service equipment. The company is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation and they manufacture fan motors, which are widely used in a variety of products. also makes thermostats, heat pumps, and ventilators, to name just a few products. They address the various needs for the different aspects of conditioning and .

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