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Carrier motor form an integral part of Carriers based heating, conditioning and ventilation products. motors work on solutions and help in getting rid of pollutants and stale by replacing it with fresh , improving the overall quality. One of the major concerns of the Environmental Protection Agency is the quality of in many modern s and apartments. These newer types of s are usually built so tight, there is little chance of fresh being properly circulated. It is usually the same indoor that is being recirculated over and over again. The pollutants like dust, skin flakes, pollen, smoke, and pet dander all still remain in the inside the , making it extremely difficult to get rid of them. Also, each season comes with its own dangers; in the fall and winter, molds are more common and pollens are the main issue in the spring and summer. solutions and products work to bring in fresh and and at the same time properly dispose of the polluted inside s.

Carrier motor drives the heating and cooling solutions from Carrier. For any , heating and cooling are critical factors in maintaining a comfortable living environment. Heating, Ventilation and Conditioning form the three key functions of a system. temperature and humidity are controlled by these key factors, and maintain the quality of the in the . Carrier's heating and cooling systems fall into two main categories - central and local. central heating and cooling is the standard method, and works by producing warm or cool in one central area and then distributing the same throughout the . split systems are the typical systems used in s. The split system contains an conditioner for cooling the refrigerant, a furnace for converting refrigerant and circulating , and ducts to carry fresh across the . Duct-free splits offer a cost-effective, quiet and simple solution to your "spot" cooling or unique load situation for commercial applications. Carrier also makes the hybrid heat split system which is more energy-efficient. The heat pump used here allows electricity-fuelled heating and cooling.

In areas where the regular ducted systems cannot be installed, Carrier duct-free systems are used. For s with no ductwork (using window conditioners or no conditioning), duct-free splits (also known as mini-splits) offer a quiet, efficient and safe alternative for residential applications. Carrier split systems have separate multiple products. If the where heating and cooling is required does not have space for this installation, packaged solutions would be ideal. Packaged products usually come with a heat pump or conditioner along with a fan or evaporator coil in a single unit.

When sophisticated heating and cooling consumers across the world want to improve their health, energy efficiency and comfort, they turn to innovative products and systems. Their wide selection of Infinity, Performance and Comfort Series options help you customize the perfect solution for your needs.

Products Offered by the company:

• Quality Solutions

•Controls & Thermostats

• Conditioners & Heat Pumps

•Geothermal Heat Pumps


•Evaporator Coils & Fan Coils

•Duct-Free Systems

•Packaged Products

•Room By Room Solutions


Improve your 's health by enhancing the quality of the inside. humidifiers help you control moisture, ventilators bring fresh into your , filters clean the before it circulates, advanced ultraviolet lamps eliminate germs and bacteria, and carbon monoxide alarms measure and detect CO levels in the .

Quality Solutions include:

• Cleaners

•CO Alarm



•UV Lamp

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