Buy Carrier Fan Motors

Carrier fan motors are among the top motors available in the market today. Carrier is a global player in the HVAC market with operations in 172 countries, 71 manufacturing locations and 18 design centers, employing approximately 41,000 people worldwide. The company offers the broadest product offering in the world with strong technology and innovation focus.

In order to run a consistantly for an extended period of time, you will require a motor. The size and model will depend on the type of that you wish to run and what it is used for. Various s will have different phases and capacities based on their individual application ranging from a standard household , computer or even a cooling for machinery or in your vehicle.

The three main types of phases include:


This is by far the most common type of motor and is found most frequently in smaller s that run off alternating current (AC) power. As the electricity runs through this motor, it will experience both peaks and dips which allows it to operate on a small amount of electricity resulting in a very cost effective system. These last a long time and can also be converted relatively easily to different phases but are unable to run larger machines or air conditioning units.


Used most frequently in larger industrial s, they utilize a larger amount of electricity and are less cost effective to run, but are able to handle a larger workload. Due to the fact that they are used to operate larger heavy duty machinery, they are manufactured with an automatic shut-off switch in order to ensure that under intense strain, they do not burn out and then have to be replaced.


This motor is almost always used as part of a much larger structure or industrial machine. It produces far more torque while also utilizing less electricity than a slit-phase motor, which means that it can handle a far higher workload than the other types of s. They also feature a safety shut off.

Among the different manufactured, two types are:

These come in single and three phase and have a vertical shaft up/down or horizontal mounting. Many models are electrically Reversible, Single or Two speed available with 1/10 to 1-1/2HP. Typical applications of these are in condenser or heat pump units.

These are Direct Drive, two and three speed. The come with a belt drive, split and single phase. They are combustion blowers with 1/12 to 10HP. Many models are electrically reversible. Typical applications are in the areas of central air conditioning units, furnaces, room air conditioners.

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