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Carrier fan heat pump motor is used in heat pump systems. A heat is an air conditioning unit that cools when the temperature is hot and provides heat when the temperature is cold. Systems are used in both the commercial HVAC markets and the residential HVAC markets. The Advanced Infinity Series offers the highest efficiency, and the Performance Series and Comfort Series provide economical comfort—the higher the SEER and HSPF ratings, the more efficient the system.

There are two broad types of - the to and the water to , which are also known as geothermal . The innovative geothermal tap into the earth's surface, using the energy and relatively consistent found in the earth, a pond, or well water instead of using outside like traditional . Geothermal provide both cooling and ing to your home and are able to maintain the highest efficiency on even the coldest winter nights or the hottest summer days. There are different categories of geothermal and they all vary based on the method used for moving the from one place to another.

Geothermal :

•GT-PX Series

•GT-PG Series

•GT-PX Split Series

•GT-PE Outdoor Split Series

•GT-PW High-Temp Series

•GT-PW Series

differ from conditioners in three ways - pump systems have a reversing valve in the condensing unit to reverse the flow of refrigerant and thereby the direction at which the is moved from one place to another. The reversing valve switches positions depending on the thermostat setting (manually by the end user) and this setting determines whether the unit is going to provide ing or conditioning.

pump systems have a metering device. This metering device is located near the condenser coil and meters the refrigerant into the condenser when in the ing mode. When in the conditioning mode, this metering device is bypassed. Even the electrical controls used in are very different from conditioners. Here the user can select between ing and conditioning modes.

being the largest manufacturer of conditioners, is the pioneer in the concept of conditioning. The controls company is known globally for its various products like thermostats, , and ventilators.

As the number one company in making conditioners, AC motors are highly respected and proven in the HVAC industry.

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