Buy Carrier Exhaust Fan Motors

Carrier exhaust fan motors are used for exhaust fans in industrial as well as for residential purposes. Carrier exhaust fan motors support different types of exhausts like ceiling mounted, combination exhaust fans, and kitchen exhaust fans, among other types.

fans are very effective at ventilating your home, office and other living spaces. Without proper ventilation, the inside your home can get filled with harmful contaminants and disease causing pathogens. Pollutants such as pesticides, harmful gases, smoke, pet dander, lead, asbestos, dust mites, paint fumes, and grease get released into indoor due to daily activities such as cooking, smoking, burning fuel, bathing, renovating, etc. In addition to these pollutants, activities such as bathing, cooking, and washing also release excess moisture in the and make indoor extremely humid. If not ventilated adequately, these added pollutants and increased moisture levels can decrease the quality of indoor greatly, thereby leading to a variety of problems.

When a rooftop unit includes a ventilation damper option, the system must also include an effective means for allowing excess to escape from the , or undesirable over-pressurization can occur. In most applications it is desirable to maintain the internal pressure at a level slightly above the outdoor ambient pressure. This slightly positive pressure prevents untreated outdoor from infiltrating the through leaks in the enclosure. As outdoor is brought into the through the rooftop unit for ventilation or economizer cooling purposes an equivalent amount of must also exit the to maintain a constant pressure. Some of this will exit the through gaps in the enclosure; however the majority must be removed through mechanical relief devices, like Power fans.

Power Fans pull from the return section of the rooftop unit and discharge this outside the . Power fans may be direct-drive or belt-drive and use constant speed or variable speed controls. Fan staging or speed control may be based on economizer damper position or respond directly to pressure. Typically, a Power option also requires an economizer.

As per the Home Ventilating Institute (HVI), different locations in your home require varying Changes Per Hour (ACH) in order to be ventilated properly. The ACH requirements recommended by HVI are 8 ACH for bathrooms, 15 ACH for kitchens and 6 ACH for rooms other than the bath and kitchen. These are for residential fans.

The power of the fan motor will depend on the kind of fan being used. Unlike some of the other fan motors, fan motors are specifically designed for the sole purpose of rotating the blades of the fans.
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