Buy Carrier Condensing Motor

Condensing Motors are used in systems called condensers. Condensers are refrigeration devices that take in vaporized refrigerant from an evaporator and then compress and liquefy it for use in the system. The 09BY remote indoor or outdoor -cooled condenser is designed for use with ’s indoor self-contained units. These systems provide a practical and economical approach for comfort conditioning requirements in replacement, renovation, and new construction applications.

Performance Features include:

•High-static, belt driven condenser fans

•Condenser coil with integral subcooling circuit

•Belt drive centrifugal condenser fan

•Copper tube with aluminum plate finned coils

•One or two circuits, each with an integral subcooling circuit

•3-phase TEFC (totally enclosed fan-cooled) motors

•Low ambient control (field-installed accessory)

•Inlet filter rack (field-installed accessory)

Refrigeration products cover the entire "Cold Chain", which covers the entire range from industrial refrigeration, to transport refrigeration, to commercial refrigeration. condensing motors are used by the company in container refrigeration; truck, trailer and rail refrigeration; and bus and recreational vehicle conditioning. Transicold, a division of Corporation, offers these services.

In conditioning condensers, the refrigerant is compressed and passed through a series of tubes to discard heat. The refrigerant is then passed to an evaporator coil. As the compressed liquid expands, it cools down, and with going over the coil, heat is removed. The liquid is transformed into a cool gas when it gathers heat from the . The moisture in the as the cooling takes place is condensed and drains off as condensation. The right evaporator coil is vital for getting the most out of your conditioner or heat pump. 's wide range of Performance™ Series evaporator coils, engineered to fit your specific installation environment and manage the refrigerant to ensure maximum heating and cooling of your home. Increased environmental awareness has led to more diligent efforts to locate and rep any refrigerant leaks. That is why can trust coil products with ArmorCoat to deliver your comfort year after year.

Condensing Motors are the key ingredient in 's Gemini split-systems - outdoor condensing units like the 38UZ, 38ARZ, 38ARS, 38ARD, 38AKS, 38AQ, 38ARQ, 38AQS, 38AKS, 38AH etc. also manufactures the remote -cooled split-system condensers like the 09AW, 09AZ, 09BY, 09DE, 09DK, 09AZ, which vary based on their capacity range starting from 1-20 tons to 90-200 tons. The 09DK, for example, uses 3-phase totally enclosed over (TEAO) condenser-fan motors and a Motormaster V low ambient temperature controller. condensing motors perform an exceptional role in the condenser cycle and provides the condensers the required condensation to enable the condensers to perform in various environments and conditions.

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