Buy Belimo Damper Actuators

Belimo are designed for use in a wide variety of HVAC damper applications. For active smoke control systems, introduced the proportional FSAF24-SR for stairwell, under-floor and other pressurization applications. With their comprehensive torque range, vast selection, and the ability to direct mount or mount on standard damper shafts or jackshafts, solutions are available for fire and smoke actuator dampers, control dampers, air handlers, economizer units, VAV terminal units, fan coil units, fan shutters, and unit ventilators.

Damper : Spring Return, Electronic Fail-Safe, Fire & Smoke and Non-Spring Return .

Belimo are compatible with many control inputs and all direct digital control (DDC) systems. There are many signals to select from with today’s controllers.


● Extensive product range

● Specific retrofit offerings

● Small dimensions in relation to torque

● Microprocessor-controlled brushless DC motor increases actuator life span and reliability & provides constant running time (most ).

● Cut labor costs with simple direct coupling.

● Automatically compensates for damper seal wear, ensuring tight close off

VRD3 - VAV Universal

The VRD3 VAV Universal is used for pressure independent air flow control. This unit can be used with spring and non-spring return , meeting the needs of many applications. The VRD3 VAV Universal utilizes the D3 sensor technology in conjunction with PI control characteristics. This combination offers maintenance free operation and exceptional pressure independent flow control. include: LMX24-V; NMX24-V; AMX24-V; LUX24-V; LHX24-V; LF24-V; AF24-V

Fire and Smoke Spring Return





•FSLF24 (-S) US, FSLF120 (-S) US

•FSLF230 (-S) US


•FSNF24 (-S) US, FSNF120 (-S) US

•FSNF230 (-S) US


•FSAF24 (-S) US, FSAF120 (-S) US

•FSAF230 (-S) US

•FSAF24-SR (-S) US


Spring Return

•AFB, AFX (180 )

•Original AF (133 )

•NFB, NFX (90 )

•LF (35 )

•TF (18 )

Spring Return

● True mechanical spring return – the most reliable fail-safe

● Reverse mount for clockwise or counterclockwise fail-safe

● Manual override crank speeds installation AFB, AFX, AF and NFB, NFX

● 3 ft. appliance cable standard and conduit connector eases installation

● The power of choice

Electronic Fail-Safe

•GK (360 )

•NKQ (54 )

•AHK (101 lbf)

Non-Spring Return

•GM (360 )

•AM (180 )

•NM (90 )

•LM (45 )

•CM (18 )

•AH (101 lbf)

•LH (34 lbf)

•LU (27 )

Non-Spring Return

● More mounting flexibility

● Linear stroking with extensive control responses and lengths (4", 8" and 12")

● Optional external auxiliary switch(es) or position feedback potentiometer modules

● Manual override push button

● Compatible to discontinued models

● The power of choice

Damper have extensive torque offering (18 to 360 ), and a vast selection of for a wide range of applications. Their low power consumption provides higher efficiency and smaller transformer sizing. The guarantee minimum torque over entire specified operating range, and there is no loss in performance due to temperature or supply voltage. MFT is available giving the user the flexibility to customize and adapt a single actuator to various controllers and applications as well. FS are UL555 and UL555S listed with U.S. damper manufacturers.