Buy asco solenoid valve

In 1910 ASCO emerged as the first company to have manufactured the solenoid valve. The new electrically operated control mechanism, named after the solenoid tube that operates it, revolutionized the HVAC industry from thereon. valves were always produced with reliability, quality and a compact design in mind, three factors that emerged them as standard-breakers every time a new valve version hit the shelves. In order to better understand the concept of the solenoid valve, we need to take a short peek at some of its attributes. s are manufactured out of stainless steel, in order to withstand corrosion and harsh environments, where contaminants might destroy the structure of the valve. The valve holds a magnetic solenoid tube, which is a cylindrical coil of insulated wires that produce magnetic fields when they are energized correctly. The solenoid valves, like other similar, standard valves, can either be single-threaded, 2-way threaded, 3-way threaded or 4-way threaded, referring to the number of inputs and outputs (entrances and exits) the valves have. The ASCO stainless steel valve valve’s utility can be employed in all HVAC systems, although its most common appliance is in commercial, military aerospace equipments and for power generators.The ASCO 2-way zone valve consists of one inlet and one outlet and it is used to permit shut off fluid flow.