Buy Asco Control Group: Pressure Sensors

Ever since the ASCO Company emerged to be one of the leading manufacturers in the HVAC and power technologies industry, technicians and contractors all over the world received a huge helping hand, due to the high quality, extremely easy to use the products. The pressure sensors had their big share in this process, as they revolutionized the way HVAC systems were measured and processed. Basically, the manufacturer pressure sensors redefined the measurement and control of pressure in any gas, liquid or water systems that produce large amounts of pressure.

Their pressure sensors are an extremely easy means of measuring of many process fluids, also reflecting linear electrical output signals. The company pressure sensors can measure pressures of up to 10 000 psi, with the help of the MEM based sensors, which provides stable output to the measuring process. Some of the general features found on most of their pressure sensors, are the panel mounting system, the 316ss pressure vessels, process connections of 1/8-1/2 inch NPT, flying leads, pins, intrinsically safe features, spade terminals and explosion proof measures. The output signal power can be of either 4-20 m Amp or of 1-5 Volts.

The pressure sensors include 4 series: the Series 40 Standard, Series 42 Panel Mount, Series 43 Hazardous Locations and the Series 44 Intrinsically Safe pressure sensors. All of these pressure sensors have a wide operating temperature range and a sturdy stainless steel structure, that lets them operate in the harshest of HVAC environments. The Series 40 Standard models do not use any silicone oil, internal o-rings or welds, operating at pressure ranges of up to 9 000 – 10 000 psi. The rugged design and body construct can withstand a wide temperature range and extreme working conditions in high-shock, vibrating or high corrosion gas or liquid environments.

The Series 42 Panel Mount models are compatible with a wide range of liquids and gases and can be mounted on panels of up to 3” thick. With a pressure cycle of over 100 millions, the electrical output ranges between 0 and 50 mV. Its electrical connections include Molex, cable or flex strips making the device extremely easy to mount and configure, without necessarily having to be a guru in the pressure sensors installation field.


ASCO pressure sensors have an outstanding reputation in the industry for quality, reliability and longevity. These sensors are built to work with pressure ratings as high as 10,000 PSI. Contractors buy ASCO Control Group pressure sensors for installation in both steam and refrigeration systems because these sensors can withstand the rugged environments these systems present. They are built using stainless steel construction that meets the highest standards for tensile strength. There are no welds, so cracks at seams don't occur. Internal O-rings can be damaged by high temperatures and very low ones, so they're not used in ASCO pressure sensors. When you buy ASCO Control Group: pressure sensors, you'll find sensors in the range of operating temperatures you need.

ASCO Series 40 Standard Pressure Sensors: These sensors can be used in high-shock systems and similar harsh environments. They are rated for 2X pressure with a burst pressure of 5X or 20,000 PSI. With a stainless steel body, they are expected to maintain performance to 100 million cycles.

ASCO Series 42 Panel Mount Pressure Sensors: Also stainless steel in construction, these sensors are used in panels up to 3" thick. They withstand high shock and vibration and are rated for 100 million cycles with an accuracy of greater than 0.5 percent.

ASCO Series 43 Hazardous Location Pressure Sensors: Buy ASCO Control Group pressure sensors in Series 43 for use in systems requiring Class 1, Division 2, groups A, B, C and D ratings.

ASCO Series 44 Intrinsically Safe Pressure Sensors: These Class 1, Division 1 sensors feature high-strength stainless steel construction to withstand harsh environments in gas or liquid applications. Contractors buy ASCO Control Group pressure sensors in Series 44 for the extreme accuracy greater than +/- 0.25 percent.

ASCO Series 45 Tank Level Pressure Sensors: These sensors are mounted on gas and fluid tanks and offer outstanding accuracy with excellent long-term stability. They are rated for ranges up to 100 PSIG.

ASCO Series 46 Explosion Proof Pressure Sensors: Buy ASCO Control Group: pressure sensors in Series 46 for installation in gas systems where safety is extremely important. They handle high pressure better than any valve of their type.

ASCO Series 47 High Accuracy Pressure Sensors: Rated to accuracy levels of greater than 0.25 percent, these sensors feature durable rugged stainless steel construction.

ASCO Series 50 Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Sensors: These compact sensors come in capacities from 100 to 1,000 PSIG with a measurement range of 20 percent of line pressure. They can be used with P1 or P2 lines.

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