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Alco Controls, owned by Emerson Climate Technologies, specializes in serving the HVAC aftermarket needs of the wholesaler and contractor. offers a wide range of products, including a full range of system components: thermostatic expansion valves, solenoid valves and coils, system protectors, temperature pressure , oil , regulators, shut off valves, storage devices and electronics. Alco's HMI and ACK Check Valve are featured products. For all your commercial needs, Alco is the place to be.

Some of their areas of activity will be explained below.

• Solenoid coils work in conjunction with solenoid valves. The coil provides electrical power to the solenoid valve, causing the solenoid valve to open or close depending on the valve model.

• On a refrigeration system, the oil work as oil level monitors throughout the system.

• Demand continues to mount for improved comfort conditioning combined with lower operating costs. Many manufacturers now recommend use of a modulating control valve to provide a metered flow of compressor discharge gas to the system low side, in a proportion that will balance the system capacity to the load demand. This is commonly known as the hot gas bypass method. It permits full modulation of capacity on all types of reciprocating compressors, and extends capacity reduction below the last step of cylinder unloading.

Basically, the system must provide a means of bypassing high-pressure refrigerant to the system low-pressure side, in order to maintain operation at a given minimum suction pressure. Proper bypass control can be accomplished by a modulating type pressure regulator, which opens on a decrease in valve outlet pressure.

• Pressure serve various functions, which may be divided into control and protection functions. Examples for control functions are compressor cycling, pump-down or defrost control. Protection functions include, pressure limiting and cut out against excessive pressures, against loss of charge or for freeze protection.

• Thermostatic expansion valves are designed for a wide range of air conditioning, refrigeration, heat pump and chiller applications.

• Shut off valves are used in the liquid line of a refrigeration system. They are generally used as a manual shut off valve. is the website for , a division of Emerson Climate Technologies. The site offers everything you might want to know about the company and its line of products. There is a unique feature, the Competitive Cross Reference tool, which is a searchable database that links parts to similar parts offered by competitors. There is a guide to sales offices around the world, as well as company news, literature, white papers, and contact information. For all your commercial needs, visit