Buy Air moving motors

The unique features and benefits of the air moving motors are

  • ECMTM Variable Speed Programmable Motors
  • Models are available with either the reliable, cost-efficient sleeve bearing or the rugged, heavy-duty ball bearing.
  • Powder paint on all steel exterior components, including the shell, conduit box and capacitor covers, for improved corrosion-resistance
  • UL and CSA component recognition to meet local codes
  • Nameplate is made of UV-resistant Mylar with legible markings and includes a large connection diagram.

Air moving motors are used in applications ranging from

  • Condenser Fan and Heat Pump
  • Fan and Blower
  • Heater Unit
  • HVAC Original Equipment Replacement
  • Pedestal Fan
  • Room Air Conditioning

Air moving motors are versatile and appear in many forms such as AC - Shaded Pole/Series Universal Fractional Horsepower Motors for use in Yard & Garden, Home Shop, Health Beauty and Fitness, Household Appliances, Floor Care, Heating and Ventilation

Brushless DC Motors with Internal or External Controlled Designs for Pumps, Blowers, and General Motion Applications

DC - Wound Field and Permanent Magnet designs for Electric Powered Vehicle, Hydraulic Pumps, Winches, Appliances and Commercial Floor care Applications .

When you buy General Electric brand and GE Air moving motors, you can be sure that you are buying quality. GE has been manufacturing industrial and residential products for more than one hundred years and they have truly been able to stand the test of time. With a century of experience behind them, General Electric Industrial understands the importance of quality assurance, testing and bringing reliable products to market. This is the security that comes with longevity